Why Choose Kaodim Aircond Service

Get your aircond serviced with the help of our highly experienced experts. Our experts are familiar with various brands in Malaysia. You can select either Chemical Cleaning or Overhaul Cleaning. Enjoy great benefits when you book such as free reservice if unsatisfied, free protection coverage against damages or theft and more!

FAQ - Aircond Service

Depending on how often do you use your aircond / Gas refilling is usually not needed if the unit is properly maintained and serviced properly. Refilling might be required if servicing was improper or when there is a damage/leakage
It is recommended that you service your AC unit once every 3 months. And it is recommended that overhaul servicing be done once every 6 months in order to keep your AC unit at its optimum performance.
On normal circumstances, there is no need to do overhaul aircond cleaning if you have already serviced your aircond regularly