Fabric/ Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

Get rid of stains, mold, and bacteria from your sofa with our professional sofa cleaning services at Kaodim. Our professional cleaners have vast experience cleaning all types of sofas, including leather and fabric sofas. Our cleaners use deep cleaning solutions to make your sofa look new and fresh again. We provide top-rated sofa cleaning services for your home to eliminate any unpleasant dirt that has formed on your sofa, help to maintain the appearance of your sofa, and ensure a healthy living environment for you and your family.

Your sofa's upholstery may be harboring all kinds of germs and bacteria, even if it doesn't appear to be dirty. Dust, stains, and mold can all develop on your sofa material, causing it to wear out faster. Deep cleaning and care for your sofa are essential if you want your upholstery to last as long as possible. Our cleaners come equipped with all of the cleaning tools and supplies needed to complete a deep cleaning service of fabric or leather sofas and wash them thoroughly in a single day.

As a part of the service, our cleaners perform sofa steam cleaning, stain removal, dry cleaning, and shampoo cleaning to maintain a fresh appearance and prolong the life of your sofa's material. They will use proper cleaning products to restore your sofa and optimize its condition in as little as one day, ensuring that it looks great for years to come.

Our customers receive a wide range of benefits, including free re-service within 31 days if they are dissatisfied, as well as a complete re-inspection of the initial service. We also provide our customers with free protection coverage in the event of damage or theft. The Kaodim app makes booking sofa cleaning services a breeze! Request a quote from Kaodim's specialists today.