Why Choose Kaodim Plumbers

Get your plumbing problems fixed with the help of our plumbing experts. They are experienced in dealing with common plumbing issues such as clogged pipes, leaking pipes, low water pressure and many more. Enjoy great benefits when you book such as free reservice if unsatisfied, free protection coverage against damages or theft and more.

FAQ - Plumbing Repair Service

Generally, plumbing repair signs are faucet leakage, running toilet, slow draining, low water pressure. (common ones)
There are several factors that will determine our vendor price. Prices may vary because of type of material, plumbing job complexity and labour cost. Our vendors will give a price estimation based on the problem you described. The vendor will need to do a site visit to identify the real issue and propose the solution together with the cost.
You will be eligible if you request, book and pay for the service rendered via Kaodim Platform.