Why Choose Kaodim Babysitter Service

Give yourself peace of mind knowing your child is taken care of by sitters you can trust. Our baby sitters will travel to your location and ensure your child is fed, clothed, bathed, oversee daily routines and do engaging activities such as reading, arts and playtime. Our baby sitters are certified and trained by the childcare industry.

FAQ - Babysitter Service

The babysitters from our partner, Kiddocare, undergo a mandatory on-boarding process which includes babysitting training and CPR /first aid certification developed and run by industry experts, such as Polis Di-Raja Malaysia (PDRM)/Royal Malaysian Police background screening, health check and psychometric assessment.
Our partner will provide you with their profile, picture, details, as well as previous customer reviews and ratings.
As a matching platform, we cannot guarantee their safety, but Kaodim and our partner, Kiddocare has, at best efforts, instituted SOPs and measures, as well as qualifying the babysitters, to minimize risks and mishaps during service. The responsibility and quality of service lie with the babysitters, thus we suggest that parents provide as many guidelines as possible to the babysitters, and childproof their homes. And if the service takes place outside of the home then the parents must ensure that the place is safe for their children.