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Yoga practitioner for over 10 years. Certified Hatha (200 Hour) RYT Yoga Teacher Training course with Yoga Alliance. 

Why I do what I do :
Albert Scweitzer said, ' There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed. ' One of the greatest lessons for a highly fulfilling life is to rise from a life spent chasing money to one dedicated to finding significance. So I ask myself everyday, " How may I serve ? "

Yoga is my passion. I do it every single day because simply, it makes me feel good. Without a doubt, yoga has improved my flexibility significantly, increased my muscle strength and tone, increase awareness and knowledge in attaining a good posture as you perform daily activities which in turn would decrease the common occurrence of neck pain, compression on spinal cord that many experiences ie from sitting all day in your desk job. It is no surprise yoga improves respiration, energy and vitality as yoga incorporates deep breathing exercises that you don't normally perform in a conscious basis. The Asana(posture) aspect in yoga will get your blood circulation moving so though yoga looks easy to one who has never tried it before , it can definitely be a sweat drenched workout.

In yoga, we always encourage students to work within your own range of limits and ability. Always listen to your body. In the long run, the consistency of balance between pushing yourself to your limit in your practice as well as listening to your body would eventually enable you to perform advance poses most importantly without injuries, whilst harvesting the benefits of a good exercise. 

My goal is to be able to pass on insightful, useful knowledge to whatever the reason it is that you are interested in practicing yoga. Students come to yoga for a variety of reasons. For many, it is a way to relax and reduce stress from living in a world of cell phones, high-pressure jobs, relationships challenges, and the fast pace of modern life. Some pursue yoga for its widely proclaimed and evidential health benefits. Some are looking for the 'hot workout' and perfectly sculpted body highlighted in the media courtesy of yoga practicising stars like Wonderwoman Gal Gadot, Adam Levine, inspiring Jennifer Anniston who still looks absolutely amazing for her age, Victoria secret Angel Giselle Bundchen, the list is endless. Others, however, are interested in inner harmony, balance, and a sense of overall well being. Some are motivated by pain or suffering, looking to yoga as a way to heal and feel whole. Others gravitate to yoga seeking a sense of spiritual connection or growth. For most, it is a combination of these and other goals.

I hope to provide inspired support and informed guidance to students - to provide a safe and nurturing yoga class where students can explore and experience anew body, mind and spirit.

Health is wealth.

Namaste, love and regards,

PS : do check out my facebook profile if you'd like to know me more. For example, I battled with depression, bullimia and emotional eating 3-4 years ago and gained 15kg from so. So i know very well the struggles and psychological challenges of decreasing fat percentage and I want you to know that no matter what size you are, you can do yoga and improve your health as long as you put your mind to it and show consistent hard effort.


Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga . Yoga for beginners and intermediate levels. Available for private lessons and hire for fitness centres.


A consistent avid yoga practitioner in Gentle Flow, Dynamic Flow, Hot Flow and Advance Yoga. A member of Fitness First Gym for 4 years+.

Non-yoga related achievements :
School team swimmer, Joined MSSS.
School team netball player


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