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About me

Received my degree in French from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2012 and just recently completed my Masters in discourse studies also at Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Have been teaching French as a part time job since 2013. Instituts that i have and is currently teaching are IUKL, UTAR, and TARUC.

My services

Basic french language.

English / Malay / Mandarin language for starters.

My achievements

1. International Exchange programme abroad in Université de La Rochelle, France for a semester in January – June, 2014

2. List of publication:

1. Machart, R., Lim, S. N., Yeow, E.-L., & Chin, S. Z. (2014). Taiwanese students in Malaysia and interculturality: When national identities take primacy over individualities. Frontiers of Education in China, 9(3), 327-349.

2. Yeow E.-L. (2016). French Media on the Search for the Absolute Asian Education. In R. Machart, F. Dervin & M. Gao (Eds.), Intercultural masquerade: New orientalism, new occidentalism, old exoticism, New York, NY: Springer.

3. Research presented at conferences:

Yeow E.L., (2015) Representation of Intercultural Communication in the Classroom through the Eyes of PRC Chinese Students in France, International Conference on Intercultural Competence in Communication and Education, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 08-09.04.2015

Yeow E.L., (2014) Representation of Asian students is the French Media, International Conference on Language, Communication, and Education, Selangor, Malaysia, 03-04.12.2014

Yeow E.L., (2014) Dealing with Cultural Stereotypes on a Daily Basis: Chinese Students in French Universities, Intercultural Communication between China and the Rest of the World: Beyond (Reverse) Essentialism and Culturalism? University of Helsinki, Finland, 05-06.06.2014

Yeow E.L. (2013) The Asian Students in the French Media: Moving Away from the East/West Dichotomy? Intercultural vs. Multicultural Education: The End of Rivalries?, 29‐30 August, Universite Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Machart, R., Lim, S.N.,Yeow E.L., Chin, S.Z. (2013) Solid, Liquid or Janusian Culture:

Individuals or Cultural Objects?, Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes: Communication for Development. 4th MICFL 2013, 03-04 July, Melaka, Malaysia