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Hi, I am Yen who graduated from UKM with a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Food Science and Nutritions). I worked as QC Executive in food and beverage industry for three years before I continued my postgraduate study in the field of Biotechnology in Kyushu University (Japan) for three and a half years with a scholarship from the Japanese government.
In fact, I have always been interested in translation. I am a language enthusiast. I am proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Malay. Besides that, I learned Japanese on my own initiative and passed Level 3 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and plan to take Level N1 of JLPT next year.
I am committed to managing time and meeting deadlines. Furthermore, I enjoy reading books and newspaper besides watching foreign dramas and listening to foreign music. Therefore, I am capable of translating between languages e.g. Malay, English, Mandarin and Japanese with precision and giving attention to the accuracy in meaning and style.
Currently, I am working as a Freelance Translator. I have completed over 70 translation projects which include scientific document, magazine article, webpage, power point slide, leaflet, advertisement, agreement, certificate and so on during the past one and a half years. I have translated documents which are related to science and technology, nutrition, manufacturing industry, direct sales industry etc.  My usual translation rates are RM40/page (for Malay, English and Mandarin) and RM60/page (for Japanese). I can deliver my translation work of 3-4 pages in a day.
I will send you a free quotation upon request. However, I need to see the document first before making a final commitment.
Your consideration of using my translation service is greatly appreciated and I am looking forward to your kind response.


I am providing translation service between several languages e.g. Malay, English, Mandarin and Japanese. 
The translation rates are as below:

•  Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) to English -  RM0.05/character

•  English to Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)  - RM0.05/character

•  Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) to Malay -  RM0.05/character

•  Malay to Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) - RM0.05/character

•  English to Malay - RM0.05/character

•  Malay to English - RM0.05/character

•  Japanese to English/Malay/Chinese - RM0.10/character


The reviews from my previous clients upon the receipt of the translated texts:

• Chief Translator - Ms. Carine Chong of INTEC Translation: "I have read your sample and very impressed, seems you are good in this area."

• Interpreter/Translator - Mr. Darren Meng of INES Enterprise: "Wow, so fast. Good!"

• Client, Mr. Zainudin: "Ok you have done great, thank you very much. Hope we can co-operate in the fut‎ure."


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