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15 JLN PJU 1A/5A, 47301, Ara Damansara, Selangor

Hire WO HUP FOOD AND BEVERAGE & other service providers, for any of the popular services below.

About me

Dear Kaodim User Greetings from Wo Hup Food &Beverage (WH Catering) . We can make your special event to be more memorable to your guests with our yummylicious food. We do cater for small group event from 15pax as well up to 60pax within Klang Valley and Selangor. Menu price from RM23.00 onwards. Kindly contact us at 0123081697 or 0126919679. You can provide us with the details as below: Requested date: Time: Location: Number of people : Type of events : birthday/fullmoon/family gathering/ house warming. Remarks: your special request. Our mission: First class service Top quality food Great value for money Great food.....makes a Great Party!! We are ready to serve you. TQVM. Best regards Wo Hup Food and Beverage team

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My services

Catering service for all types of occasions.

My achievements

Catherine Wong - Thank you for provided delicious food & 👍🏻 good services for my son birthday party. My guests love the Yam Ring... They was cooking on the spot... Good tasty 😋 😍 Jai Yen is very good helpful😘 Will support again for the next event 😄

Alicia Chan - The food was simply tasty especially their fried tofu and turmeric chicken. As a caterer they were also very helpful to supply props that we wanted to link to our son's birthday theme. Overall, I felt they were very helpful, responsible and their price is reasonable. No regrets for engaging them and will use them in future for any home parties.

Ka Liang Phang - I had the privilege of using their catering services recently for my twin's 100 day celebration. Some of my guests and my sis complimented the quality of their food. @My sis detailed the following food item she found yummy:- deep fried tou fu, grilled chicken, tumeric thai chicken, sambal cuttlefish (very spicy and yummylicious), konyakku jelly and homemde soya bean. For me, too busy running around, wasn't sure what I ate :p but I can say that they have been very patient answering all my queries leading up to the event and they cheerfully cleared up the place, even helping us to tapau the extra food. Thumbs up!

Reen Ong - What sets Wo Hup apart from the other caterers is the extra mile he goes in providing personable & friendly service, even to a small group party of 25. Special requests customized to our own party were graciously met without any fuss with easy-going Eugene. Topping it, their prices are reasonable with a wide spread and tasty food! Thank you for making our party a pleasant one!

Deborah Lau - I hired Wo Hup for my friend's baby shower and they were fabulous to work with. They exceeded our expectations & they will work with your budget and make it fit your event style. Their food was delicious on the day of the event and was beautifully presented.

Jai Yen & her team Left no stone unturned and made sure we had the best day of our lives. I have nothing but great things to say about this company, You will have a peace of mind, and know that you are in great hands!!!