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NO. 16-1,16-2,18-1,18-2 JLN KASUASINA 11/KS7, 41200, Bandar Botanic, Selangor

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About me

WinFit Fitness Factory is a luxury concept fitness club strategically located at Ambang Botanic 2, Klang.

My services

We have the biggest and most state-of-the-art equipments, which includes cardio machines, a wide variety of stack-weight machines, free weights, kettle bells, gymnasium apparatus, equipments, TRX, etc!

What's more, the gym houses two studios — one for aerobic fitness & dance classes.

Winfit Fitness Factory is definitely a sight to behold!

Apart from just machines & weights, the gym also has qualified junior fitness instructors and certified gym trainers to ensure the safety of all gym users.

Personal Training

In addition to quality exercise equipments & pleasant atmosphere, Winfit Fitness Factory also offers in-house personal trainers & health advisers who will be your pillar of support during your workouts & dietary adviser.

For an enjoyable gym workout, please note the following:

1) Good learning attitude - Certified trainers are on duty at all times.

Do approach them when in doubt.

2) Good Gym Etiquette - Please clean and sanitize all machines and benches after use with the alcohol sprays provided and return all equipment to its respective racks after use.

3) Proper exercise attire with sports shoes must be worn at all times. Please kindly refer to gym rules at the entrance for more information.

Do pay a visit to enjoy our state of art environment & cutting edge infotainment.

Safe Atmosphere

Integrated access & security with remote monitoring of surveillance system will give you the peace of mind while you workout.

The convenience of private bathrooms and showers allows members the chance to freshen up after a quick workout, keeping you on the go.

We will always be there for you and can be reachable via the contacts & email presented at the contacts info to meet your fitness needs.

Eat well, sweat well & sleep well..

See you on the gym floor !

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