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About me

I have been in Tanco Properties Sdn Bhd for 20 years where I carried out maintainence of office, apartments, condominiums and double storey homes. I repair roof leaks, blockages, cleaning and other maintenance work.
After that I started Usahawan CK 5 years ago.  I was the main contractor for a large bangalow and a semi D project in project for a semi D house in Bukit Damansara, SetiaKasih 9.  


My services

general contractor

My achievements

-Semi- D House, Setiakasih 9 Damansara Heights.  General contractor. (swimming pool, fish pond, fountain, lighting feature. Extended house to three stories, 40% bigger from original house).
 -MCA office in Jalan Ampang. General contractor. (Hacking floor, install new floors, install card security gystem, CCTV camera, gypsum board and install wiring).
-UKay Heights bangalow. General contractor. (Painting, extension of toilet, bedroom and back portion of house).

This are some reviews from some of my customer:
"Chandran is reliable, trustworthy price is okay.  Very punctual. Does alot of extra work for me"
-Mdm JT Tan
"Chandran did a small renovation job perimeter wall for me, he didn't charge me for it, I get him to maintain alot of my properties.  I worked with Chandran for many years and he learns very fast."
-Dato' Sri Tan Jing Nam
 "Chandran charged me less than what he quoted and said he could fix it the next day, which is amazing.  He was also very prompt, efficient, communicated well and always answered my calls.  
-Esther Low

Reviews & Rating

Requested to paint my shop's ceiling matte black. His worker did not stir the paint, either that or they mix the paint with water, ceiling looks very ugly like small children do water coloring. Ugly patches, stripes, everyone who came to my shop asks who painted the ugly ceiling. Chandran's answer to me is... "Because it's only one coat". Funny, because I did myself only one coat too, at the other area, with the exact same paint, but there are no uneven and ugly patches.


by Jason Ding - - over 3 years ago

Mr Jason my price i given is Rm 600 and u told me one coat , if two coat is Rm 800 is to paint the whole ceiling with black colour for 1600 sq, is black colour must paint two coat ; i told u and i think u wanted this way , of coz it not nice but u wish this and given me to do it , the area that u paint u paint , the paint u buy and my guy never mix any water , jason my guys paint got do many place and we paint two coat , pls think and say sny comment , we do for what u reguest and u pay and paint , not we paint like children u wanted me to do one coat , i hope u understand , i advice u but u wanted to safe money not to paint two coat and if two coat u have to buy more paint , u buy 3 for 7 liters where got enough , dont say simple comment for what u given paint and labour with two workers and i come twices

by WIN Usahawan CK - 25 Apr 2016

Able to come on sunday and 1 day prior to CNY. Communication. and work quality acceptable, only that my aircond need new PCB. Once install new PCB it work but Chandran does not inform he discharge my aircon gas. Need to recharged back myself


by suhaimi - - almost 4 years ago

Prompt and fast with valuable advise given



by Teresa Tiong - - almost 4 years ago

Thanks for chose my service. Have a good day.

by WIN Usahawan CK - 20 Feb 2016

Price is reasonable and service is good!



by Penny Phang - - almost 4 years ago

After 2 weeks after the roof repair, there is no more leakage. The price is reasonable consider the warranty period of 6 months. Quite satisfied with the quality of repair.


by Lim - - almost 4 years ago

Mr Chandran was courteous and professional and performed the work as agreed. Since he had a couple of workers available, I requested for additional work with a separate fee agreed. The work was good quality and they cleaned up afterward. Overall, I am satisfied and would recommend him again.



by Reza Mohd Zin - - almost 4 years ago

Thank bro so much.

by WIN Usahawan CK - 21 Jan 2016

A good local contractor - although prices are premium, the workmanship and cleanliness (during and post services) are good. Willing to go extra mile to ensure work is done on time. Will consider hiring them again in future.


by Danny Goh - - almost 4 years ago

Problem solve. They quote rm150 before they come. Before going up to the roof they say need to hack and do some patch up. They ask for rm450. Then at the end no hacking just change 2 roof tile and some patching. So i believe the leaking is from the roof tile. Before they say need 1 whole day to do it but the come at 4pn So its abit expensive for just changing 2 roof tile for rm450. So i hope other customer wont be happen like me. Its hard earn money to others. Tq


by Danny tan - - almost 4 years ago

Danny Tan for me to come and visit your house to check where the leaking is rm150, 20ft top of your side wall wash crack and got the hold at the side. We did water proof simen and painted the wall. We never charged you for 2 tiles only. If you still have problem, we will come and settle the problem for you. So Danny Tan , you payed me rm450 not only for 2 tiles that is for what i done. Tq

by WIN Usahawan CK - 5 Jan 2016

Chandran offered the best price for a patch up job. Others would have likely offered to replace the entire cabinet under the kitchen sink. He changed the frame for the cabinet, replaced the hinges and reinstalled the doors. The silicon around the sink was peeling off too so he added a new layer of silicon. The defective silicon caused water to leak into the cabinet which was caused the door frame to rot. He fixed some additional skirting near the kitchen floor too. He did everything for RM600 and got it done in a day, which I thought was OK. He had trouble finding the house due to his Waze app malfunctioning. Once Chandran gets his Waze fixed, or learns how to use it properly he'll be an excellent bet for odd handyman jobs around the house. Hard to find guys who are willing to do the jobs Chandran takes up.


by Jeffri Cheong - - almost 4 years ago

Mr. Chandran gave good advice with cheap price. finish the job in 3 days and during year end holidays. Thank You Very Much. Siti.



by Siti Farha - - almost 4 years ago