Who Move My Cheese?

Who Move My Cheese?

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  • Desmond Yong
  • Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200, Kajang, Selangor

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About me

We are well experience professional in the banking and financial industry that deals with various matters related to business credit loans, mortgages and legal matters. 
Our clients trust us as the best preferred intermediary in dealing with intricate banking related matters.


My services

We provide consultation services to the following:-
1) Financial solution for SME/business and individuals when applying for a credit bank loan.
2) Company financial qualification review. 
3) Individual financial qualification review. 
4) Providing banking information on working capital, credit mortgages, hire purchase, personal loans & etc.

My achievements

With 15 years of track record, we are the financial advisor for our clients. Here are few success stories that we like to share:- 
1) TCM Aerofoam came to us for financial advice on how to transfer it's USD2.5 million plant and machinery to a third party company as their MD forsees their plant were unable to meet its production target set by its Japanese partner which will result in TCM getting sued. We successfully though TCM on the legal loopholes of its contract and the machinery was successfully transfer out of its books (2015).

2) A lady in Kuantan came to us for advice on how to deal with an international bank which calls her for debt payments of her deceased husband. Her husband applied for 2 personal loans via credit card. With our professional legal assistant, we solve her problem in 48 hours (2016).

3) Flamegrill Restaurant directors came to us for financial advice in obtaining a working capital loan with banks as their own submission was rejected by various banks. We help the restaurant owners in managing their bank statements and cash flow transactions, they were finally able to obtain a loan with a local bank. However, the directors didn't accept the bank offer (2014).

4) A contractor with TC auto came to us for advisory in obtaining a factory loan. He has submitted to 2 local banks for the credit loan but was left with no response after 3 month by the banks. We step in on behalf of that contractor and help push forward the loan processing turnaround time and deal on behalf of our client on anything left outstanding and his loan was approved (2014).

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