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Makeup Artists transforming you into the best version of yourself on your special day or occasion.
Vetta Professional Makeup is a Makeup business over 8 year’s experience in Makeup Artistry for bridal, fashion, glamour, runways and photoshoots.
Vetta Professional Makeup is about providing their clients with the ultimate makeup experience. The artists are there to ensure that you are being looked after every step of the way – from when you first enquire, to the lead up and on the day of your event – you will be treated with the upmost professional, first class service.
Vetta Professional Makeup will help bring your vision to life, their mission is to transform your vision into reality. Makeup isn’t just about getting the job done and moving on, it’s about spending time using techniques to enhance your features to make you feel like the best version of you.
Vetta Professional Makeup provides the latest on-trend Makeup Artistry as well as vintage, classical Era’s, with a modern twist. The Artists only provide the best quality and service in the industry travelling to you all around Malaysia.


Professional Make Up & Hair Do Service For :
• Company Dinner & Event
• Personal Makeup Course
• Bridal, Bridesmaid & Bride's Family
• Registration of Marriage (ROM) & Engagement
• Personal Makeup & Hair Do
• Dinner, Prom, Party, Graduation, Photoshoot, & etc

• 結婚當天上門化妝和造型服務
• 晚宴更換造型服務
• 訂婚上門化妝和造型服務
• 試妝/定妝服務
• 出外景拍攝婚紗照更換造型服務
• 伴娘,家屬,姐妹化妝和造型等服務
• 個人寫真化妝和造型服務
• 雜誌和EVENT化妝和造型服務
• Annual Dinner 化妝和造型服務


TVC Boardcast广告 - 首席化妆师 - 化妆 & 造型
电影 "Astro 一路有你" - 化妆 & 造型
电影 “鬼戏” - 首席化妆师 - 化妆 & 造型
Bricks & Barrels@Hartamas Hallowe'en Party 2015 - 化妆
Movida@The Scott Garden Hallowe'en Party 2013 & 2014 - 化妆
国际华裔旗袍选秀 - 2017年 冠军得主 Jenny Siah - 化妆 & 造型
CarloRino Malaysia x 马来西亚美东方国际小姐2017 – Michelle Pei Yin - 首席化妆师 - 化妆 & 造型 -
CarloRino Malaysia – CarloRino 迷人小姐 –Lois Tangel- 首席化妆师 - 化妆 & 造型 -
Valentino Rudy Malaysia 2018 Collection Photo Shooting - 首席化妆师 - 化妆 & 造型

TVC Boardcast advertisement - Chief Makeup Artists - Makeup & Hairdo
The movie "Astro The Journey" - Makeup & Hairdo
The movie “Chinese Ghost Story” - Chief Makeup Artists - Makeup & Hairdo
Bricks & Barrels@Hartamas Hallowe'en Party 2015 - Makeup
Movida@The Scott Garden Hallowe'en Party 2013 & 2014 - Makeup
International Chinese Qipao Beauty Pageant - 2017 Champion Jenny Siah - Makeup & Hairdo
CarloRino Malaysia X Miss Orient International Malaysia 2017 -Michelle Pei Yin - Chief Makeup Artists - Makeup & hairdo -
CarloRino Malaysia - CarloRino Miss Charming Lois Tangel - Chief Makeup Artists -Makeup & Hairdo -
Valentino Rudy Malaysia 2018 Collection Photo Shooting - Chief Makeup Artists - Makeup & Hairdo



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