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Vetri Business Solution

Vetri Business Solution

187 Reviews

  • Mogan Subramaniam
  • 25-2B, Block C, Jalan PJU 1/3B, SunwayMas Commercial Centre, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • 002385133-D

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About me

We are specialized in:
1. Renovation Office or Home
2. Aircon Service , Installation, Repair 
3. CCTV, Alarm, Door Access
3A. Wiring and All type electrical work (Light, Fan, Water Heater)


My services

We provide the following services to our customers:








My achievements

Our Customers :
1) BDP Global Service
2) Ramcel (OIC Today)
3) MITRA IT (Cyberjaya)
4) SWS Service (Property)
5) Thendral Music
6) Jemal (Metal)
7) Aiqon Capital

Reviews & Rating

Highly recommend to appoint this company for the service. I’m glad that I made the right choice.



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by Von Chuang - Aircond Repair - 13 days ago

They fixed 2 aircond units and a water heater for me. They removed the units and plastered back the holes in the old house and did an excellent and neat job re installing back to my new house. Very pleasant people to work with. Thank you Mogan and team. keep up the good work and thank you for the affordable pricing you offered us.



Reasonableprice selectedReasonable PriceExcellentservice selectedExcellent ServiceFastefficient selectedFast and EfficientPunctual selectedPunctualHelpfulfriendly selectedHelpful & FriendlyRespsonsive selectedResponsive

by Andrea - Electrical Wiring / Power Point - 4 months ago

Thank you Mrs.Andrea

by Vetri Business Solution - 23 May 2019

Fantastic service and competent execution. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Morgan and his Vetri team. I renovated a full 3 story house with new wiring, CCTV/alarm system and AC. All was executed professional:-) All challenges that did arise was solved quick and with a smile. I am an expat - who do not completely understand the dynamics of this industry- I felt in very good hands (fair price, fast and great service) Big thumps up!!!



by Julie Malbaek - Alarm & CCTV - 8 months ago

Thank you so Ms.Julie

by Vetri Business Solution - 23 May 2019

Great and professional



by Shaharizan Aman shah - Aircon (Installation Only) - 10 months ago

Thank you En.Shaharizan

by Vetri Business Solution - 23 May 2019

they came on time and there was no fuss. in and out - cleaned and serviced 2 aircons no problem. thanks!



by pipa - Aircond Servicing (Exhibition) - 10 months ago

Thank You

by Vetri Business Solution - 21 Nov 2018

My dealings with Vetri Business Solution have been wonderful. The price of the renovation work done is not too expensive and Mr Mogan is truly professional in handling our requests. Thank you so much for your assistance.


by Pooi Mun - Renovation - 10 months ago

Thank you

by Vetri Business Solution - 21 Nov 2018

I personally feel that they were pleasant but I felt that they were inexperience. A total of 3 people came just to service one aircon. They did not check my problem before they start their service. To my dismay they also broke my bathroom accessories holder. Glad that no one was injured by the broken glass. Their office staff called to check on the service but noted that they failed to inform of the incident. I seriously think that kaodim is not selecting good supplier but only wait for customer to validate for them.


by Ryan - Aircond Servicing (Exhibition) - 11 months ago

Just check and find out compressor spoilt and left. So no comment on their work. BUT was piss off when the staff mess up the appointment and keep calling and blame for giving wrong address which we didnt.


by Winnie - Aircond Servicing (Exhibition) - 11 months ago

Thank you for your feedback and review.Please do forgive us for the inconvenient caused due to miscommunication and due to the overseen contact number.As for the compressor,our technician have checked the unit before service and identify the outdoor compressor cut off after few minutes and our technician suspected its due to compressor issue advice to replace the air cond whereby to day morning we called you and provide you with the quotation.

by Vetri Business Solution - 29 Oct 2018

Unprofessional and ill-equipped. They arrived for the job 1.5 hours late and didn't have the decency to inform us. They didn't seem to have the equipment to do a proper chemical wash for the indoor unit. Worse still, they ended up breaking a tap when they tried to clean an outdoor unit, which they initially could not do as they did not have a ladder which was tall enough to reach the first floor.


by Sean Suraj Jeremiah - Aircond Servicing (Exhibition) - 11 months ago

Thank You for your valuable feedback and review.Customers are always right.As a professional vendor i would like to feedback on the above review.We are more than 5 years in this Malaysian market and handled countless esteem customers.This is the first review customer mentioned we are unprofessional.Lets get to the point direct,yes we agree delay on our appointment due natural disasters(heavy rain) for past few weeks whereby our technicians stuck at other customer site.I have personally messaged and apologize to you on the delay and i can confirm that our technicians service has been completed without any issue.You are the one requested us to service your grandfathers house which is few houses away,due to time consuming we have rescheduled the job after two days.Technicians arrived at your grandfather's house as per schedule with all equipments including long ladder.Unfortunately the respective house back roofing was very old and bad condition whereby our technician not able to bring down the compressor so we decided to pull a water pipe from nearest toilet to outdoor compressor for chemical service. Due to unforeseen circumstance when our technician tried to install the pipe to toilet existing water tap it broke due to part connection where it was loose and very old which was agreed by your grandfather it was 25 years old.We have replaced the broken pipe with back to good condition and our tech left the place.All the photos with evidence are in our records.We are not sure what u meant by unprofessional and ill equipped,please be more specific what is the issue that you are facing,because your review is not for the respective job and posted 4 days later .

by Vetri Business Solution - 22 Oct 2018

They were quick in responding to my request. Also arrived early for the appointment. Staffs were courteous and did an excellent job.



by Maisarah Mohamad - Aircond Servicing (Exhibition) - 11 months ago

Thank You

by Vetri Business Solution - 16 Oct 2018