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About me

Vcare Hygiene is doing mattress cleaning & sanitising service.

It is important to keep our mattress clean and hygienic as we spend 1/3 of our time on the bed. Ironically, dust and dust mites are mostly found within the mattress and is one of the dirtiest furniture in a home, but many people are not aware of the problem because our mattress is always nicely covered by bed linen.

The mattress makes an ideal breeding ground for dust mites because the mattress is warm, humid and collects high amount of human’s dead skin flakes that are shed every night when we sleep. Besides dust mites and dust, the mattress also contains our body fluid residue, bacteria, and other micro organisms.

To maintain good bedroom hygiene, you mattress requires regular cleaning to rid those irking particles accumulated in the mattress, but not with shampoo and water. Leading mattress manufacturers in the world do not recommend cleaning your mattress with moisture and chemical as they can damage the mattress comfort and upholstery material.

Vacuuming your mattress regularly is advisable by mattress manufacturers to remove dirt particles in the mattress but leave the thorough mattress cleaning job to the professionals who are equipped with approved mattress cleaning products and correct cleaning techniques.

Do you or anyone in your family suffer from…?

Asthma (80% of asthmatics react to dust mite excrement)

Bronchitis and respiratory problems

Sleep disorders


Itchy or watery eyes

Hay fever


Sinus symptoms


Blocked nose


OR if you have …:

Mattresses older than 1 year

Pets sleeping in the house or worse – on the bed

An older house

Damp or mold in the house

You need to take advantage of the Vcare Hygiene solution!

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My services

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising Service 

Step 1. Dry clean the mattress 

Step 2. Using UVC light to eliminate bacteria and virus

Step 3. Spray as protection from dust mite

My achievements