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Up Your Home Services Sdn Bhd

Up Your Home Services Sdn Bhd

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  • Home Aircon
  • B-5-8, Plaza Mont Kiara, 2, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan
  • 1200822A

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About me

We have been servicing clients need in air conditioning industry for more than 10 years. We believes in providing an "Ultimate Peace of Mind"
to our clients by giving a 100 days satisfactory warranty
upon accepting a job request. We will provide the warranty in a written letter instead of empty verbal promises. We believes that our work will provide a total hassle free experience for all our clients, therefore we back it up with not only words but written warranty to protect the interest of our clients.


My services

We provide all kind of services in relationship with the air conditioning units:

(1) Cleaning & Maintenance
(2) Installation of air cond unit
(3) Diagnose & Repair
(4) Yearly Maintenance Contract for a ultimate peace of mind experience at an affordable price

My achievements

We have been constantly been getting praise from our prestige customer for all the work that we have done. We believes in being systematic in our approach so there will not be any chance of misunderstanding.
Getting a professional service should be an ultimate peace of mind rather than going thru a hassle on even the smallest item.

Reviews & Rating

Nothing to saiy... Just ontime and professional....



by Yap Kok Hong - Aircond Servicing - 6 months ago

Done a great job and come early as i request.



by Mohd Syahmi bin Mad Yasir - Aircond Servicing - 6 months ago

Great service.



by Cristina Lotilla - Aircond Servicing - 6 months ago

My aircon had a leaking problem. Today Kamal & Yusri came to fix it. They were very polite and explained the problem well. They cleaned up all the mess too afterwards. Although they came late for the appointment, but it was due to heavy downpour. So, not to blame them. Will always recommend Up Your Home Services to my friends.



by Jacqueline - Aircond Repair - 6 months ago

Great service



by DIANA DERVENT - Aircond Servicing - 6 months ago

Professional service at reasonable price. They’re very polite too.



by Derrick Y - Aircond Repair - 6 months ago

Quick diagnosis and courteous technician



by Catherine Chiah - Aircond Repair - 6 months ago

They weren't punctual. I set up an appointment at 12pm but they later scheduled to 2pm on the day. The repair men later arrived at 3.45pm. Upon diagnosis, they fixed one issue with my unit (replaced a new capacitor). But later told me my unit had a few other problems with the "IC Box" and Compressor and advised me to just change the whole unit as whole would be better. For the time being my AC unit is useable and is just failing due to old age. So I think their work was satisfactory.


by Ashraf Jamel - Aircond Repair - 6 months ago

Hi ashraf, Sorry for being late. It is an constant challenge for all vendors to be punctual as we are not really white collar apts where by timing is easier to control. The most accurate timing would actually be the morning session typically. As we have to finished up whatever the aircon is not right then we can leave and go for the second apt. Which again.. depends on the traffic and whether the condo owner did the management letter before hand. As for the aircon unit today. Back to the question of the aircon unit. The truth picture is to change the aircon as the aircon overall is very old compressor is also weak thats why a brand new capacitor will help the aircon to run better but it is just sort of a bandaid effect. Imagine, that you heart is stucked, The best way is to change your lifestyle but 90% of the people cant change it thats why doctor give you cholesterol pills so that you have a regular life. If the doctor has a choice he might even suggest changing of the heart but it is not possible. Sorry if you had a different feeling about the aircon repair visit. Because when faced with a unit of that status, there is only 2 ways.. walk out and ask customer to change a new aircon which customer will be angry and complaint, or suggest a bandaid solution to get things running. But we want the customer to understand as if another component were to fail it is not because of a bad repair work but there is several component that is required to get the aircon working, But we cant ask you to change all the wear and tear.

by Up Your Home Services Sdn Bhd - 8 Apr 2019

They are rather AC specialist.


by Suhyun Hur - Plumbing Repair - 6 months ago

Hi Suhyun, Thanks for your review. We are indeed an aircon company with additional plumbing services. But the plumbers are full time, experience plumber. They are separate from the aircon technician team. It is very hard to find a person with 2 types of speciality as it is totally different. Our website or profile has not been updated therefore there might be some confusion.

by Up Your Home Services Sdn Bhd - 8 Apr 2019

Service is good however problem is still not solve. Top up the gas while the problem will still occur after 3 months based on previous experience and vendor. Please provide a good recommendation and solution to solve this problem.


by Muhamad Fahmi - Aircond Repair - 6 months ago