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No 32,Jalan Bunga Cempaka 7, 56100, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan

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About me

Getting the job done wherever, however, no matter how big or small.

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My services

We specialized in all kind of interior/ exterior renovation & construction:-

- Interior decorations plaster ceiling

- Car porch extensions

- Brick Fencing

- Partition

- Kitchen Cabinet

- Tile concrete table

- Painting works

- House extension

- Furniture

- Electric Wiring

- Water proofing

- Extensions

- plumbing

Call us for free quotation. We assure you of our best services & best pricing always.

My achievements

We have done many jobs and projects around Subang,Batu Caves,Klang Lama areas and we do cover entire Klang Valley.

Ratings & reviews

  • "Good..meet expectation..need to improve on timing.. "

    bymohd safwan ruslan -04 Dec 2016Roofing Repair inPandan Indah
    TRES Services

    Hi Mr Safwan, Apologies for the delay, we will improve our worker punctuality, Thanks for the business. Have a nice day,

  • byChee Keong Cheah -04 Nov 2016Plumbing Repair inTaman Bukit Serdang
    TRES Services

    Hi Mr Chee, Thanks for the business. Have a nice day,

  • byRidzlan -27 Oct 2016Water Heater Repair inKeramat
    TRES Services

    Hi Mr Ridzlan, Thanks for the business. Have a nice day,

  • "Fast and prompt! Most importantly, got the job done!"

    byMervyn Yap -09 Oct 2016Lighting Repair inSungai Besi
    TRES Services

    Hi Mr Mervyn, Thanks for the business. Have a nice day,

  • byAbdul Rahman Hamdan -09 Oct 2016Wiring / Power Point inKajang
    TRES Services

    Hi Mr Rahman, Thanks for the business. Have a nice day,

  • "affordable price, come at punctual time and the service is good"

    bysaw ching li -13 Sep 2016Fan Installation inSetapak Jaya
    TRES Services

    Hi Mr Saw, Thanks for the business. Have a nice day,

  • "Simply fantastic"

    byPalani -29 Aug 2016Plumbing Repair inJalan Ipoh
    TRES Services

    Hi Palani, Thank you for the business..

  • "Though the quotation received is the lowest price, it isn't cheap though. After got the faulty power plug point replaced, the technician was not so keen when I queried about plumbing work. Nevertheless, this medium was the most convenient way to have the issue resolved in first instance. The technician was punctual, got the work done quickly and neatly. "

    byElangovan Davin -14 Jun 2016Wiring / Power Point inBatu Caves
    TRES Services

    Hi Mr Elan, Thanks for the business. Have a nice day,

  • "Good"

    bylukman -31 May 2016Plumbing Installation inWangsa Maju
    TRES Services

    Hi Lukman, Thank you for the business..

  • "Sree is a very responsible and honest person to work with. I will recomend him for your future jobs."

    byLarry -29 Mar 2016Plumbing Repair inBatu 9 Cheras
    TRES Services

    Hi Larry, Thank you for the business..