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Our factory is from China Heibei and in this industry for more than 35 years with technology from germany since 1994. We have been exporting to usa, thailand, samoa, pakistan, russia and malaysia.

Now we are newly set-up and are based in kuala lumpur malaysia, in order to serve better to south east asian country.

Treatman's products are giving the best solutions to treat concrete for a better waterproofing function compare to other solution & products on the market.

We give services & apply our solution:
Concrete slab
Toilet & Bathroom
Planter box (concrete)
To Fix wall crack
To Fix concrete slab crack
Fish pond or concrete pond

We Highly Recommeded:
TM 118/ TM 268,
This two products can fix and treat most of the problem you are facing like cracks and water leakage.
Our solution will make and give better density to the concrete and will last longer than usual with 10 years warranty.

Treatman's now is here to serve you better.


In the construction & building industry, water proofing is the most important phase that needs to be done meticulously to avoid costly mistakes in the future of any building structure.
And with the availability of high-technology & through research, we guarantee that products & services can sustain your construction needs.
Our products & services, which mainly focuses on the field of construction, are designed to treat & increase the density of the concrete & also to seal the gaps or the micro-hole sand, for the prevention of water leakage & crack line that normally caused the water leakage. And our products & services give you a warranty of 10 years.

TM118 is especially designed to penetrate up to 30mm of the slab & concrete works with correct applications by our skilled workers.

TM268 is especially designed to give hydrophobic coating to protect concrete surface.

All our services can be tailored to any budget and customize to meet your requirement .


In this field , we been in the market for more than 10 years, we been doing alot project, and now we here to serve consumer, and we are proffessional .



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