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We are specialized in handling trucking and logistics services in Malaysia. With our vast fleet of trucks, we provide services for transporting loose goods such as cartons, bags, pails, drums and pallets. We also provide and developed customization logistics, storage and delivery plan for you. With our team of experienced members and command center in our Headquarters monitoring all your shipment, rest assured that your goods will safely arrive the destination in a timely manner.
Our Mission

To provide an outstanding service level to our clients and agents.

We continue to exceed our client’s expectations in service levels which will lead to the achievement of sustained long term growth, expansion and profitability.
We are committed to deliver the highest standards of safety, on time delivery and superb customer experience.
Our commitment to technology advancements, safety and on going training will ensure continued improvement in service levels and profitability.
We have 4 key values
to achieve our customer experience :
1. Honesty
- Being accountable for our actions. We believe honesty is the main key value customer return to us.
2. Hardworking
- Caring more than our competitors, being accountable for our performance & having fun while doing our job.
3. Politeness
- Communicating consistently & regularly. Being open to customers & employees to see how & why we do things.
4. Safety and environment
- 100% commitment to the safety of our people , our customers and the public.


Lorry Transport / Logistic Services

Penang - Kuala Lumpur (Daily Trip)
Penang - Selangor (Daily Trip)
Penang - Negeri Sembilan
Penang - Melaka

Penang - Perak / Ipoh
Penang - Taiping
Penang - Sungai Petani
Penang - Alor Setar

Kuala Lumpur - Penang / Taiping / Ipoh
Kuala Lumpur - Sungai Petani / Alor Setar


Reasonable Price and Great Service!
Call Us Now!
Mizi : 012 548 8119
Office : 04 356 2058


- Among our Large Corporate Account Customers are Asia File, Asadi, Campap, Mydin, Double Secure and Shito Assembly to name a few.
-Our Tagline is " Your Satisfaction is our Priority" We will give you a superb customer experience.



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8 ratings

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Peh Lai Choo over 3 years ago

This is one very satisfied customer. Definitely recommend Translink transport services to whoever needs to move house or office. The price is reasonable. The staff responded to missed calls even after office hours. During the pick-up and delivery, I was informed of the whereabouts of the lorry. The movers handled the furniture with great care.

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Andrew Ng almost 4 years ago

Movers are friendly and treated my stuff with great care.

User avatar default
Raymond almost 4 years ago

The team is professional, great help and friendly. Some delayed due to traffic condition on that day, but the person in charge has been following up all the while, consistent communication is a plus.

User avatar default
cameron about 4 years ago

Price was reasonable and team worked hard. Quite punctual. A few gaps in professionalism (eg no tally sheet for inventory) but it did not impact the success of the move. Thanks guys

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