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My name is Aery Goh. I am the owner of Translife Group Services. I did my undergraduate studies majoring in Psychology in Tokyo University and worked in Japan for one startup recruitment company and UNIQLO Japan. I spent over 6 years in Japan. It's been my passion to connect two parties who speak different languages. I have been doing interpretation and translation since year 2005. My company now has a big team of registered freelance interpreters and translators to cater to your need.    


Details of Interpreting & Translation Services
The translation services we provide are inclusive of the following :
(1) Japanese to English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia
(2) English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia to Japanese
**The rates are based on the translators / interpreters’ experience, the quality of the services, the budget of the end-user and many other factors. We provide the following guidelines for your information and reference ONLY. The final quotation will be ironed out based on the meeting between the end-user and the translator / interpreter’s agreement.
[Interpretation Services]

Simultaneous Interpretation - RM1600/day & RM1000/half day
Consecutive Interpretation - RM800/day & RM500/half day
(One day is 8 hours. Half day is 4 hours.)
**If the work exceeds 8 hours, the hourly rate is RM150 for consecutive and RM300 for simultaneous.
**Transportation, lodging, meals and others cost incurred will be charged subject to the agreement between the end-user and the interpreter. Non-office working hours rate may be higher.
[Translation Services]
Japanese to English - RM100/page
English to Japanese - RM100/page
Japanese to Mandarin - RM100/page
Mandarin to Japanese - RM100/page
Japanese to B. Malaysia - RM100/page
Malaysia to Japanese - RM100/page
Technical related translation of all languages - RM150/page
(One page means a page consisting of approximately 400 words)
**The translator will not be held responsible for any misunderstanding from the translations, resulted in loss of time, life, income, bodily injury and any other accident. For worst case, the maximum liability is limited to the fee collected.
If you have any further questions, please contact Aery Goh at 0165517701 or email to Thanks and have a great day!


We have been providing interpretation and translation services to a lot of big clients like UNIQLO, Panasonic, Hitachi, Yamaha, Hong Leong, JETRO, Media Prima, etc. 

Please visit my Facebook fanpage for further information 


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