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MOTIVATE & PUSH I am here to HELP those who struggle with their weight management I am ex-150 kg obese guys since last 7 years. I have been through several transformation from 2010-2012    150kg to 70kg 2012-2014      70kg to 90kg weight relapse 2014- now      90 kg but with 10% body fat. I believe that people should have proper and sustainable weight management through 3 MAIN CRITERIA -CONSTANT Repetition WORKOUT -FOOD (reduce and control, NOT AVOID) -MINDSET (Positive and Passionate) Under one Quote of my life "Never settle for the BEST you could do, BUT strive for the BETTER you " Therefore I am here to provide 1 on 1 and group affordable and sustainable personal coaching and nutritional assistance those WHO SEEK


WHAT I PROVIDE? - Personal Trainer 1 on 1 training   - Free weights   - Body weight - Small Group Training /Boot Camp - HIIT Training - Running Coach WHAT YOU GET? Nutritional Assistance -Daily calories intake -Calories deficit -Macro and micro Physical change -Lean muscle gain -Losing body fat -Bulking up -Body posture corrections Psychological Change -lifestyle and change -boosting you self esteem Services Includes: -bodybuilding with free nutritional assistance


American Council of Excercise (ACE)
- Certified Personal Trainer (International)
Certified Bootcamp Trainer
- power bag, kettle bell, battle ropes and TRX
Major in Psychology
-Behavioral and lifestyle change advisor


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Joanne Ngai almost 3 years ago

He is a good trainer who taught me a range of different exercises and explain well which exercise target which part of the muscle. Also teaches warm up and stretching to ease the muscle tension. Is very knowledgeable on diet and workouts. Will keep you motivated and make sure you finish your workout.

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Arasi almost 4 years ago

An experience trainer with a pleasant disposition. Easy to work with as he understands yr health condition before tailoring exercise n food programme for u. A very reasonable price if u take his packages. Would recommend him to others .

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