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My passion in health and fitness finds itself in the understanding that training in fitness isn't about getting from point A to point B. People often train with a lack of understanding which makes it hard for anyone to find the progress they want. And they often don't know where to look to get answers that are founded in the study of sport-science. I'll be honest, that was me for many years.

I have since taken my own initiative to pursue a well recognized certification in personal training from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). And in order to retain and renew said certification, it is mandatory for trainers to continue picking up courses recognized by the institution. What that means for you is that my knowledge and understanding of fitness will not be dated or nullified by the developments in the sciences.

By now you would figure that I'm academically inclined. Which brings to reason my incorporation of science in our training. More specifically, functional anatomy and bio-mechanics. Worry not, the messy work happens on my end. Your job in the simplest sense is to understand how your body works and how to train it.


I provide personal and group training services.
('personal' being the operative word)
I often observe fitness enthusiasts incorporating combined training templates into their workouts that don't always serve them well and never really understanding why. More often than not, it's a process of trial and error for them. It can be time-consuming and often frustrating for most. But what if you could change all that with some professional help and guidance?
That's where I come in. My role as a personal trainer is to first help you understand your body and how it functions before I curate a progression of exercises that aligns with your goals and preferred exercises.
If training with understanding is your goal, then sign up for a few sessions with me and experience training like never before.


Certified ACE Personal Trainer
FITM Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Functional Training Coach
Cerified Group Exercise Instructor


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