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TONG GING LIGHTING ATELIERS was established in June of 2003. Our showrooms are located at Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur and Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. Our philosophy is to offer a variety of totally new and innovative ideas of lighting designs and solutions. Our products range from basic fluorescent lamps to wall lamps, pendants, chandeliers, outdoor lights, fiber optics and to the latest technology of LED lighting.


Our groups of sales & designers’ teams have gathered experiences for more than 30 years, we are here to provide you the best professional lighting design services, with our best creativities and solid knowledge about lighting, we definately strive to assist you in achieving the perfect goal for your lighting needs.
We offer comprehensive lighting consultations not only at our showrooms but to your beloved house as well. Our goal is the planning of a lighting solution to achieve a designed effect in a given space. The system may include lighting for landscape, exterior architectural, one or more rooms, a remodel of an existing structure or an entire new home. Changing the lighting system in your present home is also a distinct possibility. A competent lighting designer will be able to determine your lighting needs based on your tastes, decor, personal habits, use of space and budget and provide you with a custom, personalized lighting plan. Even if you only want to add a couple of lights, you can benefit from the advice of a lighting design consultation. We will show you on the computer the impact of your favorite lighting fixtures in your room.
Our other services include electrical wiring works, lighting installations, special lights custom-made & installed, smart lifting system for high levels, green building lighting technologies, fibre optics galaxy lighting and etc.
Whatever the services we provide to you, Patience, Informative, Creativity & Smiles are always on our minds!




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