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About me

Why do you need to do cleaning when you can hire us to serve you? Sit down and relax. We will be doing all the cleaning to meet your satisfaction. We also provide all sorts of cleaning with all the cleaning equipment included. We have been in the market for many years to service people with cleaning from house to house. Besides ,we will ensure that every cleaning meets the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, a quick check will be done to ensure the all the maids are detailed with the cleaning.

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My services

  1. House cleaning -moving out -weekly -ad-hoc -renovation -room -laundry (iron)
  2. Office -weekly -monthly -ad-hoc
  3. Carpet cleaning/washing 

My achievements

Ratings & reviews

  • byElizabeth George -14 Mar 2017Weekly Cleaning (1 month, 4 sessions) inSection 13, Shah Alam
  • bySalvatora Giannone -16 Feb 2017Move in / Move out / Thorough cleaning (1001 - 2000 sqf) inMont Kiara
  • "Good, reliable & punctual .."

    byRoger Lau -14 Feb 2017Cleaning Service (1 session) inPju 5, Kota Damansara, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya
  • byChloe -08 Feb 2017Cleaning Service (1 session) inBandar Sri Damansara
  • "Hard working cleaners did not do a thorough job. The thorough Spring Cleaning service which was requested and paid for, turned out to be a surface wipe and mop. The cleaning team (4 cleaners) did not arrive on time and was rushed to finish early. Furniture were not moved to clean either floors or walls properly. Gas hob was left dirty with grime, doors, cupboards and door handles were not washed. The "did not do" list of tasks is bigger than the "completed" list. The windows are however sparkling clean. We ended up scrubbing and cleaning the entire apartment ourselves all over again. "

    byHerman -08 Feb 2017Move in / Move out / Thorough cleaning (1001 - 2000 sqf) inSs2, Petaling Jaya
  • "The work quality not bad"

    byAi ling -31 Jan 2017Cleaning Service (1 session) inSection 32, Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam
  • "if i were to pay as normal cleaning rate then i am happy with it. honestly, they re quick and clean for areas they clean. but i am paying for thorough cleaning and all they clean is just the surface unless i watch and tell them (which is something i dont like doing). spider web at the rain shower, wall skirting, bathroom racks are all untouched. lots of hair still under the bed which i vacuum myself. "

    byzoelle -31 Jan 2017Move in / Move out / Thorough cleaning (Below 1000 sqf) inBandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong
  • "The price quoted for this kaodim direct service = RM690. They advertised the full works, thorough cleaning, paint removal, whole day worth of awesome service. Arranging with Ivy from Time Harvest was no issue, she was friendly and nice. When the day came, Time Harvest sent 4 cleaners, equipped with their tools and cleaning supplies. They seem quite enthusiastic at first, so I let them be and went on to do what I had to do as a homeowner who just moved in. After a couple of hours, I noticed they were still sweeping and mopping. I then asked what else will they be doing. All they said was wiping of the glass and the fan. What about paint removal on the door knobs for eg as advertised? - they said they wont be doing that, out of fear of damaging the door knobs. What about the dirt stain on the walls? - The paint will come off. I proceeded to show them how they can do it with a simple cloth and water technique and they grudgingly said ok ok. At the end of the session, they didn't bother cleaning the paint, stains and anything beyond a normal cleaning service will do. I was left confused and frustrated. I shared all the pictures or evidence with Time Harvest and Kaodim. Ivy from Time Harvest organized one more cleaning session. This time with 2 people and half the time. She said these people will come over and clean the areas that werent cleaned before. Fair enough. But after they left, my wife was fuming and said they might as well not come at all because there was no difference in the cleanliness let alone paint removal. And I also sounded off one of the guys and he threw a fit and stomped out of the house. If you do a crap job, and can't stand being told off, go to the temple/mosque/church and pray hard you'll strike the lottery because you wont be successful in any career you choose. I only paid 50% of the price and refused the pay the remainder. Kaodim reached out to me and told me to settle the other 50% as services had been rendered. The cleaners did come twice, but they did not fulfill what was advertised. I understand it is a people oriented kind of business and it is extremely difficult to ensure 100% quality. But if you're charging a premium, RM690, for cleaning, you better make sure it's mindblowingly good. Otherwise, don't do it at all. "

    byMarc Woo HF -24 Jan 2017Post Renovation cleaning (1001 - 2000 sqf) inJalan Duta
  • "Overall Time Harvest did a great job and they are fast and efficient . After finished their cleaning job , staff still asked to check if I am satisfied ? If not , they will redo. However, there is a small hiccup that happened unexpectedly . My new kitchen top was scratched during the cleaning process ( wiping ). I can't put all the blame to the maids as few days ago before the cleaning we have contractors installing the kitchen cabinet frames and I believe during then there are particles result from drilling . Perhaps maids are not knowledgeable enough to handle the cleaning for the solid kitchen top and just wiped as usual. I hope Time Harvest will provide training to their new staff so to avoid the same incidence again in future . Despite this , I must say their service is still excellent and I will engaged them in future cleaning service!"

    byDenise Chin -24 Jan 2017Post Renovation cleaning (1001 - 2000 sqf) inPju 3, Tropicana Indah, Petaling Jaya
  • "Overall I'm very satisfied with the service. The person in charge had actually came to us and communicate before they start work. (2 maids for 4 hours) One of the maids was very efficient while the other one abit slow, it will be a plus point if she can work a little bit faster. but overall the cleaning job is quite clean n they managed to clean up quite a lot in 4 hours time. Will definitely use their service again. "

    byJessey Ui Sze Yen -24 Jan 2017Cleaning Service (1 session) inPju 1 A, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya