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Over 20 years of excellent experience in catering services, We have catered various types of events in events such as wedding buffet, parties, and corporate events.
On top of our quality of food, we are well-known of our passion in brightening our customers’ events. Yes, we cook, we deliver, we serve, but the core value of our service is LISTEN.
“There is always a flavour, that deep in our heart, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming. And we call it the flavour of LOVE” -The Flavours Catering-



Catering services come in different shapes, sizes and packages. From different educational backgrounds to menu options, there are professionals that can provide a range of quality foods for you to choose from for your next occasion. Before you seek the services of a caterer, identify what is required and expected from your event. What type of catering service do you need? You need to have a clear understanding of your options before turning to a catering company.
Here are the different types of catering services:
Food Catering

Food catering includes, breakfast, lunch, and supper delivered just the way you prefer it. It is a business that involves preparing dishes in far away locations. It is something that every event organizer must include in their plans. Food catering is a crucial part of any occasion or event as every guest look forward to enjoying great cuisines when they attend events or party. A time-saving method to get the job done in an event is by making use of a food catering service.
Finger Food Catering

These form of catering services offer finger foods as part of their menu. However caterers observed an increase in the number of persons in need of only finger food services and for this reason, more catering companies were either making it an exclusive business or expanding their catering services to include finger foods.
Finger foods are meant to be eaten with hands. In many cultures, food tastes better when eaten with the fingers instead of making use of utensils such as chopsticks, fork or spoon. There are also cultures which believe that there are spiritual benefits to eating with bare hands.
The use of finger food catering for corporate events allows you to socialize better and quickly puts you and your guests at ease.
Wedding Catering

Wedding Ceremonies are the major area for catering businesses. It usually involves large spending and budgets. Catering experts at wedding ceremonies help to organize the most affordable and reasonable wedding ceremony within the available budget. They can help in planning an eye sparkling, aesthetic and mind blowing wedding party.
Event Catering

This is a potentially lucrative and yet challenging business. An event caterer would be responsible for providing services at a business luncheon, wedding or gala affair. Because the setting can vary, the caterer should have the ability to accommodate the requirements of different styles and food choices and should also be proficient at organizing these sorts of events as requested by the clients. Event catering is also referred to as outdoor catering.
Office Catering

During work hours, corporate catering allows staff to continue with their regular tasks and lengthy meetings without having to skip meals. Corporate catering provides different kinds of food. At breakfast time the caterer will provide savoury sandwiches, fresh fruits, pastries and so on. During lunch hour the caterer will provide soup, hot meals, few sandwiches, salad and so on.
Other types of catering services include Halal catering, Buffet catering, Home Catering, Chinese Catering (Oriental Style), Party Catering, Office Catering, Birthday Catering and School Catering.
Choosing any of these types of catering services will depend on the specifics you would require for your event or function such as styles of presentation or specific food, among other things.
Corporate Catering

This is catering for corporate events such as the launching of products, celebration, annual dinner, campaign etc .You can make use of corporate catering to improve attendance at workshops, seminars etc. We provide such service at a very competitive price as we are able to combine high-quality dishes with low cost. Our services are important for you to paint a positive impression of your company before your clients and employees as well.
Buffet catering

This is commonly used to entertain VIPs and guests during events such as corporate parties and business seminars. It gives your guests the freedom to choose the appropriate amount of food they want to consume. We also provide buffet catering services for other occasions such as birthdays, boardroom Lunches and Dinners, weddings Cocktail Functions, Breakfast, lunches etc.
Halal Catering

This involves planning special delicacies for Muslim friends which are proven to be ideal for their religion. Again we can provide services for all sorts of events. We have Chinese Muslim chef in our team that can prepare Chinese style halal catering and we understand that alcoholic refreshments are not allowed. We can provide the best of Halal cuisines to thrill your guests.
Chinese Catering

Chinese style menu that can cater for all functions like birthday, wedding etc providing each of the main regional cuisines such as Fujian, Anhui, Sichuan, Hunan etc. We can also serve Chinese meals using chopsticks and vegetarian dishes for Buddhists.
Party catering

We can cater for all kinds of parties with family, friends, and guest. It may be a baby shower celebration, wedding parties, private parties or special day party like anniversary, Christmas etc. We know our stuff very well and we can always provide a good package and the form of entertainment needed for everyone that desires to have a colourful party.
Birthday Catering

This is a type of catering that is tailor made to provide birthday catering services for kids, teenagers, and elders birthday celebrations. We can provide any style like barbeque, buffet catering, food catering, finger food catering etc. and a variety of food to be served for guests of various age ranges. There should be lots of fun at your birthday party and we are committed to making sure that all factors are taken into consideration.
School Catering

Catering services can also be provided for school events with the student or school budget. Events such as teacher’s day celebration, school/ society function or performance that need to serve food to the guest, require our services. We can conveniently provide school catering services whenever we are called upon to do so. You can always rely on us for high quality, fast and cost effective services for your school occasions.



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