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About me

SUPERKILL Pest Management Sdn Bhd - Guards the environment and always protect their clients from all the environmental problems, SUPERKILL will kill and terminate all the types of pests with their best environmental free chemical and leaving behind the fresh, clean and safe environment which is their performance towards their motto. They do their very best to take care the safety of all especially their clients. Service is the main aim of the company.

The most effective method to protect your home and properties against termite attack. Our solution is "Superkill Power Bait System" which eliminate the entire termite colony. We use the latest method to eliminate the entire colony of termites within 90-100 days, New revolutionary way to protect your home as we use safe non toxic and it is environment friendly. This method is very cost effective.

SUPERKILL Pest Management Sdn Bhd strictly uses the chemicals according to the dosage recommended by the Ministry of Health and Pesticide Board of Malaysia.

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My services


  1. The services we offer are the control of:
  2. Termites
  3. Cockroaches
  4. Rodents
  5. Ants
  6. Mosquitoes
  7. Flies
  8. Fleas, Tick and Other Ectoparasites
  9. Urban Pest Bird

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