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Located in SS2 Petaling Jaya, Something Special To You is a place that you have been looking for.  We have continued to grow as the One-stop Wedding Supplies and Wholesale for Malaysia and Singapore market.
And our passion for weddings never ends here...

Some couples might find hiring a Wedding Planner will cost them a lot.
In SS2U, for brides & groom that would like to enjoy their wedding with less hastle, we have our in-house Wedding Experts &
 Wedding Planners 
to coordinate and source all the wedding event necesities without bursting their budget. Afterall, most of our services and product are coming from us.

Most couples would just love to plan their own wedding.
We can be your One-stop Center
to get almost everything you need under one-roof.

Our SS2U Fav
ors & Gift

offering wide range of selection. We have all kinds of wedding favors like Candles, Coasters, Miniature, Fridge, Keychain, Hand Fan, Edible Favors, Metal Series as well as Gift Boxes and Gift Bags. All selling at low price without compromising the quality.

Our SS2U Stationery & Invites

offering wide range of selection. We have Ready-made Invites and Customized Invites to suit for Modern Wedding, Chinese Custom Wedding, Malay Wedding as well and Indian Wedding.
 Also our SS2U Chines

e Custom Section

will assist you getting the right customary items like Grand Betrothal Set, Betrothal Return Set, Bed Setting, Brides's Dowry, Hair Setting Set, Tea Ceremony which suit your needs. We have wide range of choices to make your shopping more enjoyable. You can also find many house decor items for bridal room and tea-ceremony area. We also provide Wedding Selection Dates based on bride's & groom's Birthdate 'Pa Zhi' & 'Tong Su' (Chinese Calendar Book).

Our very own in-house SS2U Event Decorator Team

  provide all types of venue decoration such as for wedding dinner, wedding ceremony, church wedding, birthday parties, baby fullmoon, launching event etc. We are capable of supplying all kinds of material like fresh flowers, props, balloon, decorative setup, lanterns, lighting and furnitures.

Together with our vendors that works as partners, you will found that you don't have to look for your vendors else where.
From time-to-time, our dedicated creative team will introduce new ideas & services to cater current demands.
As we are not able post all our products here,  please come to our showroom to discover more.
There's no exact words to describe more about us.
And let our product & services do the talking and let us become your one-stop wedding supplies & resources.


A very complete service to cater Modern Couple.


Interviewed by "The Star" about SMEBiz on June 2015
, Interviewed at about Wedding Favors on Mar 2014, TV appearance at NTV7's Drama Series on 2012.



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LO over 4 years ago

Excellent services!! Prompt respond and reasonable price. No other hidden cost. The team is very professional. Listen to our needs and proposed new ideas for us. Recommended vendor for wedding couple!!

Something Special To You replied:

Thank you Lo for the nice review. This means a lot for us to move forward with We wish u have a great marriage life. :)

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Yen chua almost 5 years ago

Provider pulled out last minute post verbal agreement to provide full services. Unreliable and unprofessional behaviour.

Something Special To You replied:

<No payment received yet, no contract signed, currently in Proposal Stage> Dear Mr. Yen Chua, we are very very sorry to disappoint you at this moment. It was a pleasure to meet you for the first time 2 weeks ago. And we did a proposal and it wasn't up to your liking. That is why we had a Verbal Agreement to check on the hotel site and prepare another Proposal & Quotations for you. We try our best to put in more details, price breakdown, more elaborate details as you said before, you are Visual Type of person. But please understand that its hard for us to prepared it during CNY season, and required more time to put more information & details into our Proposal & Quotations. We really appreciate for your patience so far. I guess the problem was started, when there is an urgent assignment that you need us to do. That is by preparing the "Save The Date" card before Chinese New Year. We know that your have a very busy schedule and we treated this assignment as Very Urgent. To make it work, we called you up to get as many ideas as possible. We have forwarded you 8 different Artworks up to 10.30pm night but none of it suits your liking. You wanted it before Chinese New Year and we tried, putting our focus & times to prepare despite we all will be on leave to go back to our families as much as you do. And last, 1-day before our holiday, we are still in the "Abstract Mind". We have no directions at all. We were desperately thinking, had a sleepless night, keep asking ourselves, how can we complete the work if you didn't like any of our ideas? It's like chasing the goose out of no where. In the end, you wanted to do it yourselves... and so we are indeed very humble to follow this instruction from you. Again, we really appreciate your understanding about our limitations. And now, as early as possible, we contacted you, and to inform you that we are not able to proceed to prepare a Proposal & Quotations to you. We wish to make it easier for both parties, and tried to explain to you why we are pulling out. Up to this point, we didn't asked for any single cent from you to pay us for our efforts, money and time that we spend for your wedding preparation (site visit at the hotel, liase with Hotel's representative, sourcing for vendors & as much as doing the artwork for you urgently.) Our policy is to sign the contract and deposit first before we start work, however, there is still many things in the Proposal & Quotations that is not able to be finalized yet. Every team has their own style and strengths, neither-the-less weaknesses too. And we are very sorry that by telling you now (8 months in advance) that our team are not able to meet your requirement & expectations. By telling you this after 2 weeks we met, we also hope that you'll be able to find another wedding planner as soon as possible or we can introduce another one for you. By telling you this at Proposal Stage (no contract has been signed yet & no payment has been received yet) your review to public of "unrealiable & unprofessional" will be taken into serious consideration to improve our services. We are All full time doing this job, we are paid to solve problems, and we are honest to our customers. When we realized that our team's ideas has not been always not able up to your likings, its better for us to tell you that we are not able to give you a proposal & quotations, than dragging this longer. (Our intention is to let you know earlier so you can find other alternatives. Your wedding is eight months to go and we are confident there is many wedding planners that want to work for you) It's just that our team's ideas so far has not been satisfied you, that is why we very reluctantly say we can't move forward in situation like this. <Without claiming any single cent from you of the works we have done, because all the scopes are not finalized yet> We really hope to work with you because you are such a good person. But we are very sorry that you have put too high expectations from on us. Our doors is always open to help in another way, should you need further assistance, you can always welcomed contact us. We always say Yes to you, is because we want to be polite to you. But now we say No-go, it's because we want to be honest to you" Again, we are really sorry to be this honest to tell you the truth and very sorry that we are not able to give you any proposal & quotations. Reason is, our styles does not able to meet your likings and requirements. We wonder how we can compensate you back, there is no payment to be return, there is no contract breached. Its 3-days before CNY, and so we wish you and fiancé a Happy Chinese New Year. Thank you for the opportunity.

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