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  • Simone Koo

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About me

In short, I write, be it copy for your latest and greatest product, or a motivational book. My greatest skill lies in the adaptability and versatility of my writing style. Technical or creative, long or short, taglines or content, I write to suit your needs. I also plan advertising campaign strategies, conduct research, and plot and edit books.


My services

Writing/ghostwriting books, articles, essays. Proofreading.
Writing copy, taglines, content, technical information, and scripts for products and services.
Research and outline/plot drafting.
Translation from Malay-->English, German-->English

My achievements

Panasonic SKY Series air conditioner

• Name and tagline

• Catalogue content writing, scriptwriting, video production

• Branding research and development, campaign strategy

Joey Yap (metaphysics instructor and motivational speaker)
• Books and articles on Chinese metaphysics and culture

• Interviewing local entrepreneurs, business articles, lifestyle articles, company profiles, social media content (FB, Youtube)

• Proofreading books and content.

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