Shahrizan Ferouz

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B03-01 Dataran Prima Condo, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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About me

I'm a professional Emcee, Stand-up comedian, Voice Over talent and Radio announcer. I have been in this field for more than 10 years and have experience in a variety of events from formal to fun.

My services

what i do

A little bit of this and that


Sometimes I’m funny


You can hear me on Traxx FM


I make videos for youtbe and Indie films


“hmmm Talking I can”. Thats my yoda by the way. I also do all kinds of other voices for commercials, Ebooks and TV shows

My achievements

“Wow that guy Shaz he’s awesome!.I mean funny, good looking, smart.. what else could you ask for? If I was you I’d hire me.. uh I mean him… Yes him. Thats what I meant to say. I’m not shaz. haha… I dunno why I said that. Trust me I’m totally unbiased.”

Some guy

There was this one time both Shaz and I were pinned down by enemy fire. We were goners when suddenly Shaz told a horrible joke “What time does Sean Connery get to Wimbledon? Tennish!” I mean it was so bad the gun men stopped for a second in disgust, but with that second we escaped. I’m bet Danial Craig couldn’t do that. And you’d totally hire Danial Craig. Shaz is way cheaper hire him instead.

James Bond 

Shaz is a good boy. He always helps to carry the groceries, but he has to either move out of the basement or start paying rent. So please hire him.

Shaz’s mum