Sap Yat Siu (十一少)

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About me

Planning for a wedding can be somewhat easy or difficult depending on how lavish or how simple you want it to be but when it's a traditional wedding then there are many small details which cannot be missed. At the same time not forgetting you will get many opinions from various sources that somewhat made your stress level hitting the roof. 

The most frequent comment i heard is "Traditional weddings is just so troublesome!"

This is where it will be nice if you can have someone who knows the tradition and at the same time able to match the millennia style. 

And this is where a chaperone commonly known as Dai Kam "大妗" can step in and give you advices on the traditions and cultural taboo in a traditional wedding. 

The term Dai Kam "大妗" is referring to your eldest uncle's wife on your maternal side of the family and as times changes lesser people know about the the traditions therefore a new trend of hiring a chaperone known as Dai Kam Jie "大矜姐" or "送嫁孃" whom has the required knowledge to assist in the matter and commonly is a woman holding on this role. 

Since the beginning of the new millennium, a new twist or a new breath was given to this role to a man instead of woman and we are known as "大矜哥" or "送嫁".

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My services

My services includes; 

* Chinese Wedding Chaperone (大矜)

* Emcee services for weddings and events 

* Date selection for marriage

* Consultation on traditional wedding matters

* Wedding Make up 

* Tailor Made Wedding Planning 

* Budget Preparation and Consultation

* Itinerary Planning and Preparation

* Design, theme and style advice

My achievements

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