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RS Design & Renovation is a experienced construction company in Klang Valley. Under the supervision of a creative and responsibility team,
RS Design & Renovation has proven to be a highly skilled construction
on time and within budget. We are committed to making your experience of designing and building a home and easy one. What are our goals? To satisfy clients at every level and phase of a remodeling project. The team not only focus on the construction, but on building relationship with clients. They view each project as a partnership. This is what sets our company apart from competitors. From designing to building, the experience of ease and excellence.
We work closely with clients from the concept stage to
groundbreaking and on through to completion. We have worked on a variety of projects including past interior renovation projects which includes:
i) Carpenter (Specialist & Fabrication) ii) Interior Design (In-House Designer) iii) Home Décor's accessories supply iv) Cost-effective Consultation
We always believe working closely with other specialist in order to perform maximise co-ordinating result on finishing perfection and time efficiency, for the past 12 years of working experience, we have been organising other category specialist which includes:
i) EcoGlass Galaxy Sdn. Bhd. (1099652-D) - Aluminium & Glass Specialist
ii) Greenforest Enterprise (001858777-H) - Wet Work, Electrical, Partitions & Etc.

3. Strategy
a. Vision
We will engage the world with perfection of renovation forces on precise order, time and cost effective to perform best outcome in result finishing and styling.
b. Mission
We will ensure satisfaction to our clients in terms of any defect, after sales service and dedication to understand our clients requirement and request.
Business Profile of RS Design & Renovation
c. Values
We embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, our communities, and our planet can have better understanding in every human need.
d. Goals and Objective
Our achievement would be the leading group of specialist company providing best professional service towards the satisfaction of our clients


What the business does.
a. We provide Interior Designing service which includes; i. Layout Plan
ii. Furniture plan - Space Planning
iii. Elevation for built in cabinet
iv. Floor plan, ceiling plan
v. 3D Perspective drawing
vi. Designer's experty and experience
b. Carpentry such as Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe, TV Cabinet & etc wood work
c. Wet Work such as Demolishing, Tiles , Concrete and etc involve labour work.
d. Electrical include whole electrical system, eletrical appliances installation and etc. e. Partitions and Plaster ceilings work.
e. Steel work include fabrication of fence, door, decors and etc.


4. Proffesional and Specialist Teams
This company's is comprised of leaders with diverse global backgrounds and many decades of combined dedicated skill technician staff with years of experience.
The tremendous know how we bring this company become its industry leader.

5. Completed projects
Client list reference
1. Everfine Resources Sdn. Bhd.
2. Continental Hospitality Group
3. Crest Builders Holdings Berhad
4. Setiakon Builders Sdn. Bhd.
5. Top Glove Corporation Berhad



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