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Risata Enterprise (0090130474-k)
210 Reviews

  • Azlan b. Mahamad Amri
  • No.1, Taman Sri Melaka, Batu 9, Cheras, 43200, Kajang, Selangor
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About me

My name is Azlan from Risata Enterprise. I have been providing moving services since 2005. Risata is an Italian word which means laugh/smile. This is my goal when naming the company Risata: "to provide solutions and put smile on the client's face"
Moving can be a headache and troublesome if you did not have the right mover to help you. Each client has their own needs and constraints. Some are on a tight budget, some like to DIY everything and some just want to see everything is taken care of. At Risata Enterprise, we try our best to match those needs at reasonable rate.


My services

My service includes:

1 ton lorry rental
3 ton lorry rental
5 ton lorry rental
Movers service
Supply of boxes
Wrapping service

Short & long term lorry rental are available.

For individual, event company, corporate & anyone who needs moving service.

My achievements

For reviews, you can check out my gallery.

Some of the projects that we have accomplished (some is still going on project):
- Gempak Desa event for Astro
- Promo of Nestle product
- Promo of Dutch Lady product
- Promo of Pru Lady Credit Card of UOB bank
- Delivery of promotional/admin kits for AEON Big
- Delivery of promotional items for Digi
- Deliver props for Movie (Santau, Jangan Pandang Belakang)

Reviews & Rating

Punctual, helpful n effective


by Rachel cheah - 14 Jan 2017

3 meaningful words to boost our motivation! Thank you Rachel Cheah

by Risata Enterprise (0090130474-k) - 27 Jan 2017

Very satisfied with your service. Professional, friendly and most importantly on time. Took only 15mins from the time I submitted my request to complete all communication and confirm details of my request. Lorry came on time, early in fact. All moving done professionally and carefully. Thank you Encik Azlan, Adnan and one more employee that helped which I forgot his name. Great job, keep up the excellent service!


by Jay Sidhu - 14 Jan 2017

Thank you Jay Sidhu! I will let the staff know that you are happy with their service.

by Risata Enterprise (0090130474-k) - 27 Jan 2017

good service,good mover!


by Quienie - 14 Jan 2017

:) short and sweet like you. Thank you for your kind review, Quienie.

by Risata Enterprise (0090130474-k) - 27 Jan 2017


by Nurulhuda - 3 Jan 2017

Thank you for the generous stars, Nurulhuda!

by Risata Enterprise (0090130474-k) - 27 Jan 2017

Good service. On time, in fact, came 15 minutes earlier. Was patient as I had to get the permit from the building.


by Sam Yeow - 27 Dec 2016

Thank you Sam Yeow. I'm glad that you are happy with our service.

by Risata Enterprise (0090130474-k) - 27 Jan 2017

Very professional, maintain a constant communication throughout the process and helpful in shifting my items


by Tan - 26 Dec 2016

Thank you Tan for your positive review :)

by Risata Enterprise (0090130474-k) - 27 Jan 2017

Hassle free service. Mr. Azlan responded promptly. Hired Risata due to more competitive pricing. :)


by Ben-Amie Lim - 20 Dec 2016

Thank you Ben-Amie Lim. You made my day!

by Risata Enterprise (0090130474-k) - 27 Jan 2017


by Tara - 3 Dec 2016

I only hired lorry with driver and was really satisfied by the service. The lorry was on time and the driver was patient waiting for us and also helped in loading the lorry. I would highly recommend this service provider.


by Firdaus Razak - 4 Nov 2016

Thank you for your positive feedback Firdaus Razak :)

by Risata Enterprise (0090130474-k) - 29 Jan 2017

Very reliable and fast. Mr Azlan replies very fast to my request as well. Reach on time and even helped to clean the bottom of the bed before installing. Very satisfied and affordable among other quoters. But you have to take care of your own stuffs because they wont wrap it for you. Still, it serves the purpose well.


by Wong mei hong - 2 Nov 2016