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Since 1985, with a team of trained Termite Field Inspectors, Ridpest is in a mission of creating termite-free homes.
Ridpest, known for its tagline “Creating Better Living
” uses the latest innovative monitoring and baiting system to wipe off entire termite colony. Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is Guarantee to eliminate termites or double the Money back


Our general pest service include:

• Ants

• Bees / Hornets

• Bedbugs

• Cockroaches

• Dog Ticks

• Fleas

• Termites

• Mosquitoes

• Rats

We safeguard you and your family by using more of the eco-friendly products.
Here we would like to introduce our latest offering...
 - Mosquitoes treatment with Dengue Free Guarantee 


- Moved office to No. 7, Jalan Wangsa Setia 1, Wangsa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

- Sentricon Authorised Operator Appointment

​ - Initiated CSR projects with Deaf & Dumb centre, Sunshine Old Folk Home, Malaysian AIDS Council, CalvaryLand (Home for Old Folk and Children with Learning Disabilities) and Rotary Club Clinic.

- Sentricon Silver award And Sentricon Gold Award

- Superbrands Award, SMB Rising Stars Award And Corporate Rebranding

- Sentricon Platinum Award

- Starting Franchising And The BrandLaureate Award

- SME Service Excellence Award

- SME Brand Excellence Award 

- SME Best ICT Adoption Award

- Star Business Award-Gold Award on Best use of ICT 

- Using Exterminex Baits, The Most Preferred Baits  from Australia 

- Introducing the Revolutionary New Formulation RIDMOZZIES against Mosquitoes

~~ Some Happy Clients ~~

I live in a terrace house with a small garden, I make an effort to make sure I don’t breed any mosquitos but somehow my daughter was bitten when she was home for the summer holidays. She tested positive for dengue and we were very worried that other members of the family may be infected as well.

Stephen Liu of Ridpest was so kind to personally visit us and mobilized his men to fog the whole area in my garden as well as the surrounding areas with Pantzom. After which we felt there was a significant reduction in the number of mosquitoes in our house in the evening. Thanks to Plantzom we are able to live in our house with peace of mind that we can be safer from the deadly dengue virus.

Thankful and grateful to Stephen for his quick action and personal commitment during the period that my daughter had dengue.

With much Appreciation,

Ho Lai Kuan

Managing Director
Quel International Sdn Bhd

Would like to thank you for introducing RidMozzies to my family!

As I have 2 young children, I was concerned with the outbreak of denggi and wanted to engage Ridpest to fog my house compound. I am so glad I decided to try Ridmozzies instead as an alternative to fogging.

RidMozzies involves the application of a chemical compound to plants and shrubs. I found it very convenient as unlike fogging, with Ridmozzies, I did not have to make sure all doors and windows were shut tight first. I also did not have to worry about the children inhaling the smog from fogging, as Ridmozzies was sprayed directly onto the plants and shrubs and did not remain in the air. In fact, it was so effective that after 3 hours, I was able to water my plants without reducing the effectiveness of Ridmozzies.

I was also undertaking some construction on my premises, and before Ridmozzies, the mosquitoes were quite rampant. But after Ridmozzies, there was a significant reduction in mosquitoes, in fact, I dare say I did not notice them anymore! It’s been almost a month and my premises are still mosquito free.

I would definitely recommend RidMozzies!

In fact, I have already recommended Ridmozzies to my younger son’s pre-school as I believe it will give the children better protection from denggi!

Best Regards,
Collin & Debbie Swee


I had a problem with white ants (termites) in one of my room, with termite trails creeping up in between the cracks of my door frame, from the ground towards the ceiling.
Within a month after using the Ridpest Baiting System, the termites are completely gone. It gives me peace of mind to know that the termites will not damage my house anymore.
Robert  Selvaratnam 


My next door neighbour unknowingly passed on a subterranean termites invasion from her kitchen to my storeroom after having poured chemical around the house. Later, I had a big problem with a hugh colony of termites chewing on my academic stuffs and turning them to pieces. There were 15 big boxes of them and it was completely ruined.
Ridpest's effective baiting system help me to get rid of the termites in slightly more than 30 days. And thanks to the regular monitoring after the initial treatment, the second colony that invaded my house six months later was duly dealt with in no time.
I wish I knew about Ridpest's service earlier.
Warmest Regards,
Kenny Cheah



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