Progressive English Communication Centre (PECC)

Progressive English Communication Centre (PECC)

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About me

We combine native speakers, computer learning, classroom discussion, and anything possible to make a unique and nurturing learning environment for our students!

Today's classroom no longer needs to be boring and uncreative. It should be a "melting pot" of the best. We see first-hand how students interacting with native English speakers and learning English from different cultures makes class more interesting, how the use of technology more meaningfully engages students, and how active participation accelerates the learning process.

​Even though there can be many factors, such as budget restraints, number of students, lack of time, teachers' inexperience, and entrenched curriculum, that prevent schools from applying these proven and cutting-edge teaching methods, we here at PECC are committed to overcoming these obstacles to provide a 21st-century education for our students.

At PECC, our experienced teachers and staff provide students not only the best of education, but also the experiences that enable them to become lifelong learners.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school" - Albert Einstein


My services

Cambridge English

We prepare our students for Cambridge English exams. These are the courses offered:
1. Pre-school (Age 4-6)                   
2. Speech and Drama (Age 8-14+)
3. Elementary (Age 6-12)

• Starters

• Movers

• Flyers

• Key (KET) - 11+

4. Secondary (Age 12-17+)

• Preliminary (PET)

• First (FCE)             - 12+

• Advanced (CAE)   - 14+

• Proficiency (CPE)   - 16+ 

5. Adult & Business English (1-3 months intensive)

Our Approach

We believe learning English should be fun and exciting. While we prepare the students for the exam, we focus on practical usage and engagement activities that allow students to fully immerse themselves in the learning process.


Multiply faster? Practise all sorts of formulas? Remember proofs? We think there is a better way to learn math. Research has shown speed pressure, timed testing and blind memorization damage children's experience of math.

Our Approach

Slower is better. Less notation/formula is better. We focus on deep understanding of a topic and ability to analyse a problem instead of mere mechanics of calculation and formula plugging.​

My achievements


• I love the teachers and everything! - Ron, Taylors

• I'm happy that the class is so interesting - John, Sri KL

• I'm having so much fun! - Serene, Han Ming

• I'm enjoying learning! - Matt, Nexus


• The centre is really different! They engage the students so that they grasp the topic and learn better. Way to go!- Shane, software engineer at Google

• I like the unique approach of the centre. It teaches not only the subject, but also the virtues of a lifelong learner. - PH, recruiter at IBM

• The experience of teachers are very important. The centre has qualified teachers in every aspect! - Clive, senior manager at Avago 

• I'm happy with my kids' results. More importantly, they show a great deal of interest in learning!- SS, engineer at Shell

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