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Pest Management Division was conceived at the turn of the new millennium, aimed at establishing itself as a renowned force in the provision of specialised pest management services. Through the enthusiasm and hard work of our dedicated team of professionals, PESTGROUP strive to achieve this reputation by focusing our efforts on providing the highest standard of custom-design integrated pest management services.
PESTGROUP has the experience in working with a wide range of Clients; each custom -design service packages created to individual specific needs. It’s partners in business (clients) include proud home owners, successful offices, prestigious corporations, efficient factories, famous fast-food outlets and restaurants, higher institution of learning, decent hotels … and more.


1. Sentricon Colony Elimination System
The Sentricon System, the first and most successful termite baiting system, has been proven to eliminate termite colonies by independent research at 30 universities, reported in 45 published scientific articles, and by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It uses only a few grams of active ingredient in a cellulose matrix that termites love to eat. This Recruit™ termite bait is placed strategically in in-ground Sentricon stations in areas where termites are or may be active. Termites feed on the Recruit termite bait and share it with nestmates until the colony dies. The Sentricon System requires no drilling in floors or foundations, no digging or trenching and no gallons of chemical solution injected in the soil.
2. Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme

PESTGROUP are certified by Australian Quarantine Inspection Services AQIS as a certified Offshore Quarantine Treatment provider.

AFAS is:
A management system run by participating overseas government agencies to ensure continued compliance of fumigators with the requirements of the AQIS Methyl Bromide Fumigation Standard
A training and accreditation system for fumigators and regulatory officers
A registration system for fumigation companies
Acceptance by Australia of fumigation certificates issued under AFAS
AFAS objectives are to:
Provide capacity building assistance to overseas regulatory officers, in respect to registering, monitoring and auditing fumigation companies.
Improve the technical expertise of overseas fumigators and regulatory officers by providing world's best practice methyl bromide fumigation training.
Assist fumigators to maintain a high standard of fumigation performance and compliance with AQIS requirements
Fumigation companies that competently demonstrate they have the necessary equipment to perform effective fumigation treatments and have at least one AFAS–accredited fumigator present at all fumigations on cargo destined for Australia, are eligible to be AFAS registered.


The growth of our company, has been both aggressive and impressive supported by our loyal and dedicated staff and delighted clients. One of our objectives is to provide the highest quality of service (second to none) at an equitable price. To this end, substantial investment in a dedicated and well-trained staff force has been and will continue to be made together with acquisition of “state of the art” technology.


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