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Prima 11, Block 3545-G2, Jalan Teknokrat 6, 63000, Cyberjaya, Selangor

Hire (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd & other service providers, for any of the popular services below.

About me

Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd is a certified operator for Procleaners since 2001. Our team have undergone The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICs), London certification & training.

On top of that, all of our team have also undergone extensive Procleaners operation & customer service training. We have a team of more than 250 experience workers throughout Malaysia. 

Our years of hardwork in cleaning industry have given us a clear understanding on customer/client need & professional delivery.

As a certified operator of Procleaners, we are working closely with government agencies in ensuring the best cleaning quality & service.

Our Standard Operation Procedure [SOP] will protect the security & belongings of both customer & Procleaners team.

Procleaners had wide cleaning service coverage in Malaysia.

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My services

Ranging from small to large scale of cleaning task, Procleaners offer wide range of cleaning services. One of our specialties is providing mobile cleaning service or part-time-maid service for residential & business premise.

We also provide the major cleaning service such as initial cleaning, spring cleaning, supplying contract cleaner & after renovation cleaning.

We are able to cover Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Seri Kembangan, Puncak Jalil, Bukit Jalil, Sri Petaling and more.

Following is the overview service that we provide :

-Contract Cleaner

-Commercial Area Cleaning

-Office Cleaning

-Initial Cleaning

-After Construction Cleaning

-Event / Party Cleaning

-Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

-Tile, Grout & Marble Floors Cleaning

-Move In & Move Out Cleaning

-Glass / External Glass Cleaning

My achievements

Here are some of our achievements since 2001 :

1. Supplying contract cleaner at Porsche ( Sime Darby Auto Performance Sdn. Bhd) at Jalan Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur

2. Supplying contract cleaner/housekeeping at Aranda Nova Hotels Cameron Highland, Pahang.

3. Supplying contract cleaner/housekeeping for Tune Hotels Sdn Bhd branches :

  • Tune Hotel Danga Bay, Johor.
  • Tune Hotel Ipoh
  • Tune Hotel Pulau Pinang
  • Tune Hotel Downtown Kuala Lumpur
  • Tune Hotel Damansara

4. Supplying contract cleaner at AEON Credit Service central region branches.  :

  • Aeon Delight Mid Valley
  • Aeon Delight Sunway Pyramid
  • Aeon Delight IOI Mall
  • Aeon Delight Usj Taipan
  • Aeon Delight One Utama
  • Aeon Delight Seremban 2
  • Aeon Delight Seremban
  • Aeon Delight Bandaraya Melaka
  • Aeon Delight Plaza Merdeka Melaka
  • Aeon Delight Taman Equine
  • Aeon Delight Banting
  • Aeon Delight AU2
  • Aeon Delight Bukit Tinggi
  • Aeon Delight Rawang
  • Aeon Delight Shah Alam
  • Aeon Delight Sri Gombak
  • Aeon Delight Kajang
  • Aeon Delight Bangi

5. Supplying contract cleaner at Akademi Sains Malaysia, Jalan Tun Ismail & Bangunan Matrade.

6. Supplying contract cleaner at Mid Valley City condominium, Kuala Lumpur.

7. Performed initial cleaning service at Xiamen University at Ampar Tenang, Selangor.

8. Performed initial cleaning service at Hospital Permai at Tampoi, Johor.

and more.

*For more detail of our ongoing job and experience, you can always request our company profile. :)

Ratings & reviews

  • "Not very professional actually, they sent one experienced cleaner and another one without experienced. The inexperienced cleaner even dragged the steel ladder on my timber floor. Work is slow as well."

    byChen TH -08 Feb 2017House Cleaning inCyberjaya
    (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd

    Hi Mr. Chen, We would like to apologise for the new staff.. we have sent her back to HQ for more training. At the moment we are running with our old experience staff... once again sorry... Tq.

  • byAzri -08 Jul 2016House Cleaning inTaman Equine
    (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd

    Dear sir/madam..Thank you for your honest review. Looking forward to serving you again. :)

  • "This compny provide very professional service from start till end..i like the part where i can pay online to their company account thru cimbclick or maybank2u. Its very convinient"

    byJamal -17 Jun 2016House Cleaning inSeri Kembangan
    (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd

    Dear sir/madam..Thank you for your honest review. Looking forward to serving you again. :)

  • "Their maids very hardwoking. Good job!"

    byAndri -17 Jun 2016House Cleaning inSeri Kembangan
    (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd

    Dear sir/madam..Thank you for your honest review. Looking forward to serving you again. :)

  • "I've tried 4 different companies and i think this company provide the best service. They professionally recommend the best timeslot for me and i'm really satisfied with their job and punctuality. Will contact them again soon."

    byFatin -17 Jun 2016House Cleaning inCyberjaya
    (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd

    Dear sir/madam..Thank you for your honest review. Looking forward to serving you again. :)

  • "The price is reasonable, i think they offer the best price for a good quality service. The supervisor was very professional and i already subscribe for their weekly service. Highly recommended. :)"

    byFarhanah -17 Jun 2016House Cleaning inBukit Jalil
    (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd

    Dear sir/madam..Thank you for your honest review. Looking forward to serving you again. :)

  • "Their price was cheap..i got my house clean for only Rm68! Moreover, the cleaner was nice and their work was fast. The best part is their incharge Mr. Palani allow me to do online bank transfer using my Maybank2u and Cimbclicks everytime when i need their service. Therefore, i no need to standby cash at home to pay them. Overall im comfortable and very satisfied with their service."

    byHaris -17 Jun 2016House Cleaning inCyberjaya
    (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd

    Dear sir/madam..Thank you for your honest review. Looking forward to serving you again. :)

  • "Highly recomendad. Their cleaners were professional in carrying out their job and Mr Palani was professional by making sure that im satisfied for everything. Will hire them again. Good job!"

    byFadh -17 Jun 2016House Cleaning inPutrajaya
    (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd

    Hi sir.... thanks for ur comment... hope to serve u soon....

  • "Dear all, I gotta say they really came on time, thats the only plus point i noticed but frankly speaking the kaodim star rating may not be reflecting on the real in depth review because i cant see the service level is matching the rating; Let me start by saying that 'Rush job was never a Clean job, i have to be involved in the job too as it seems the maids started to rush and whatever things the maid moved was never put back in proper. the worst thing is its not clean at all..im talking in general term that when you step on the floor you can still feel the dust. Bear in mind im using vacuum to clean. As it was such a rush job as i noticed its only left with 45 mins and the maids have yet to vacuum and mop, I called Mr. Palani if i can extend an hour, he replied, 'call my driver' i called and texted the driver but no reply, after shortwhile, the driver replied they have other job to rush which i totally understand as thats a too last min request but after that another message sent to me to warn me not to hold their maid.. i mean what is this? im still within my given timeframe, right? the driver didnt even bother to pick up my call and after shortwhile Mr. Palani called and said i should have inform him this is big cleaning (mind you my job scope given to maid is vacuum n mop the floor, wipe the dusty surface and wash the toilet, clean the sink.. thats all ! define your big cleaning? what say you based on the job i listed) somemore he said i should know better cox its my house? I mean, what? arent you a cleaning expert, hey mind you i told you everything prior to engage you and thats your expertise to tell me how long i need cox those are your maids who do the cleaning not me then how on earth you could throw such statement to your customer?! selective memory and good in reasoning. i should have read all the previous comment first prior to the engagement which i summarise now after my experience with Mr. Palani and again reading back previous comment by his customers, i can say that 'im not the first one and im not alone!' My reasoning for giving a low rating as followings; 1) i state my requirement and my expectation to Mr.Palani clearly before i engage them, i even tell him abt my hse size and the last cleaning and asked his expertise how long it needs and which package i should go for. he said take the 2 maids and 2 hours package, so why now im supposed to be blamed for not knowing and telling you how many hours i need? my question to Mr. Palani then, who is doing the job now? 2) I called him on Tues and he said he will let me know the available weekend slots by next day but there wasnt any news until i texted him on Saturday morning and he only revert by late afternoon on Saturday. No response or extremely late response = no interest in business. initially i thought maybe its a big business but i found out its just two maids from his own (Mr. Palani) anyway its not a matter of how many maids you have but its on how good your service is 3) During my tele conversation with Mr. Palani he seems to be pushing away my concern and the best thing to shut me up, he said , "ill call you back to sort this again and see how again la" but till this moment not a single follow up call neither do i have a missed call from him as ive been checking everyday before i decided to give this comment on kaodim. Chances been given and you dont seem to care much too To sum this up, if you would to engage this company put it in message not just verbal cox i dont wish to see this happened to another person who desperately need their house to be cleaned but ended up in such a disappointment. better ask him to come to see your hse and he suggested which package you should go for unless you dont mind to pay more for this. My advice to Kaodim is to regulate and strengthen your requirements on the selection of companies that carry your brand! To future customer, my comment speaks, no prejudice as im first timer to Kaodim and Mr.Palani. Your call. Mr.Palani, with no disrecpect, you seem to lost your passion in this field but having still proud of the rating you have with Kaodim is probably what makes you complacent to which now i see this rating is not so reflective of the service level i received, not empathy and sensitive to your customer request, not being apologetic and reasoning much will only add the fuel to the fire. FYI, ive banked in the payment to you on the same day for the single service! i hope you dont put the blame to your maid for my comment, they merely work based on your instruction and i merely take based on your suggestion hence pls own the mistake and learn to improve. Your Customer."

    byRichard -28 May 2016House Cleaning inSeri Kembangan
    (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd

    Dear Mr. Richard, Thank you for your comment. I will work on it. But , just to clarify on some of the things you wrote. Firstly, u called me on Thursday not Tuesday. U specifically mentioned 28th may ( next week sat) to me. But u called me on 21st may asking for that day. I had to call my sun customers and many of them to arrange a slot for u. Not an easy task as it involves many calls... which I did for u as a customer. If I was serious or less passionate about my work, I wouldn't have done. So please don't judge me if u Don know me. Secondly, if u want to know my companies strength ask me, not go around my back and ask my staff.... I may have many teams running as I cover Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, seri kembangan and Sepang. My staff do not need to know each other. As a gentleman u should ask me. I also want to clarify that I didn't text u to ' don't hold my staff' . Just for ur info, I have never been rude to my customers. I am strict and a nonsense guy. I don't like customers lying about their request. Many have lied just to save a few bucks. But in that situation my staffs didn't retaliate or I didn't cancel the job. Next, when u called me , u didn't tell me the unit was not occupied very long time.and it's very very dirty. If u had I would have told u that it would be 4 hours or 8 hours job. U should have come clean with me on that. I could be a cleaning expert but u own the house. If u have cleaned it once u would know how long it would take. Kaodim knows who you get as their vendors if not we would have been this far and mostly booked. It's not out of pride I am saying this. To me , all my customers are important. Finally, to all vendors outo there please be vary of this customer. Mistakes maybe on both sides but blame is only to me. As a gentleman and passionate to my business. I would like to apologise for this mistake. Regards. Palani.

  • byDatin Dr. Nooraini -31 Mar 2016House Cleaning inCyberjaya
    (Procleaners) Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd

    Dear sir/madam..Thank you for your honest review. Looking forward to serving you again. :)