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About Philo Design :

We are a group of mutli-disciplinary designers who bring design inside out, in believe that design is a story to tell.
All we have in us is passion.
Looking for brand new fresh extraordinary design, here's the right place.


We will provide you a list of interior design consultation from head to toe, giving you a clearer image on how interior designer works and rest assured that everything will be done smoothly.
Services included:

1. Furniture layout plan proposal

2. Reference images on conceptual ideas

3. 3D perspective visualization

4. Customization on furnitures - if any

5. Detail drawings for renovation and carpentry work

6. Site management and supervision - if needed

7. Furniture selection and consultation

8. A team of very passionate designers :)


From studio unit to bangalow unit
From cafe to restaurant
Satisfaction in every client's heart.



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Interior Design Consultancy
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Khoo Pei Loon over 4 years ago

Straight to the point, I am very satisfied with Angel's work.! My grandmother had been complaining with the family's room, and to my surprise she is very happy with the completed layout with recommended furniture. Angel is also very good at planning and explaining, patient to my grandmother's demands and is very professional. Price is fair from what I know about market price, she charged slightly lower I think. Angel has a very good sense I will definitely book her again for my next home project. Rate 10/10. Thanks kaodim for the platform too, extremely efficient schedule as she visited my house immediately after I booked and thanks to that I am able to go on my trip as planned. Highly recommended especially if you want something done quickly and efficiently, and special, unlike boring trends I always see.

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