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About me

Pest Paramedics is established in 2010 and it is the 1st pest control operator in Malaysia to successfully integrate the use of non-toxic organic and natural products which are biodegradable yet having the same effectiveness as that of conventional chemical spray. Our control tactics used are purely natural and organic, making it the best choice for a safe and non-toxic eradication of pests as well as the best natural alternative for chemical sprays.


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My services

Pest Paramedics pledge to respond to our clients need to resolve pest problems with the highest standard at an affordable rate. We offer dependable, flexible, effective termite control, residential, commercial and industrial pest control services. Clients can choose from a range of preventive and responsive pest management services, all delivered by trained and dedicated pest control professionals

My achievements

Pest Paramedics Sdn Bhd is the 1st Pest Control Service Provider to successfully incorporate the use of non-toxic organic & natural solutions for the control of bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroach, ants and also disinfecting and sanitizing against pathogens.

We have successfully provided this unique "pesticide free" pest control services for thousand of homes in Klang Valley, nursery and kindergartens, condominiums, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, factories and construction sites.

Ratings & reviews

  • byArlene -18 Nov 2016Pest Control Services inBangsar South
  • "Still feeding active termites. But the people are friendly and they did setup follow up appointment right after 2 weeks from my first appointment and does a thorough check on my house in case the termites decided to move around."

    byLilian Young -12 Nov 2016Pest Control Services inBandar Baru Sri Petaling
    Pest Paramedics Sdn Bhd (885768-H)

    Thank you for the 5 Star review.

  • "I was so surprised when they used glue trap only and they did not spray for other pest as per request. If I want to bait the rats using glue trap, I can just do it myself! in and out in 10 minutes. It was really a dissappointment for me and I regret my decision to hire them"

    bySaudah -06 Nov 2016Pest Control Services inTaman Subang, Ss3, Petaling Jaya
    Pest Paramedics Sdn Bhd (885768-H)

    Firstly we would like to apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment that you experienced in dealing with our technician recently. Your feedback have been escalated to our manager and rest assured that we will do our best to provide you the services as promised.

  • "If you are looking for a dependable and honest pest control company you have found it! I booked Pest Paramedics to come out and treat for bed bugs in my child bedroom. My appointment was set up between 11-1, I received a courtesy call from Joshua at 10:40 saying he will be at my house at 11 sharp. 11am came around and Joshua's car pulled up. He had a genuine smile which made me feel very comfortable about my choice to pick Pest Paramedics. As he inspected my home he found that the infestation wasn't bed bug but book lice. He told me he could treat it with a simple spraying and the job was not as intensive as bed bug treatment. He told me that he would only charge me for the exact treatment which is only 30% of the bed bug quote. I appreciate the honesty that I received from Pest Paramedics and Joshua. This company could have easily done the job initially, and frankly I would have paid it. The fact that they are willing to treat their customers with respect and forgo sticking them with a hefty bill shows how wonderful this company is. I wish more companies would run their business like Pest Paramedics."

    bySH Tan -05 Nov 2016Pest Control Services inImpiana Cheras
    Pest Paramedics Sdn Bhd (885768-H)

    Thank you Tan for the 5 Stars review.

  • "Very on time. Very professional. Simple transaction with no fuss. Would use them again. Also, didn't have any odors in the house after completing the spray "

    byTan Wye King -28 Oct 2016Pest Control Services inUSJ
    Pest Paramedics Sdn Bhd (885768-H)

    Thank you so much Tan Wye King for the 5 Star review.

  • "Pest paramedics price are reliable and they are reliable. They are professionals and friendly in delivering their services. Couldn't believe how fast they responded to the messages. "

    byGabby Yong -27 Oct 2016Pest Control Services inBandar Sunway, Subang
    Pest Paramedics Sdn Bhd (885768-H)

    Thank you so much Gabby for your review.

  • "Very friendly and patiently answers all questions,. Good professional service and effective. "

    byRay Tan -29 Sep 2016Pest Control Services inKelana Jaya, Ss7, Petaling Jaya
    Pest Paramedics Sdn Bhd (885768-H)

    Thanks Ray Tan for the 5 Stars review.

  • "Fast + Effective "

    byKhaled Abdat -22 Sep 2016Pest Control Services inTaman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)
    Pest Paramedics Sdn Bhd (885768-H)

    Thanks En Khaled for the 5 Stars review.

  • "No show and no courtesy to inform in advance. I had to ask him few hours later if he was coming."

    byAISYA RAHMAN -08 Apr 2016Pest Control Services inPju 1 A, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya
    Pest Paramedics Sdn Bhd (885768-H)

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We sent a msg on the 28/2/2016 which was the day of the treatment to inform that the PIC was not well on that day and also to request if the treatment could be rescheduled to the following day. There was no response to our request.

  • "Came to deal with brownbanded cockroach infestation in my apartment. Technician couldn't tell us name of chemical used, but assured it was child-safe. Some official label would have been good. Job done and was effective. Home is roach-free for now. Pls provide your customers with more technical information about your product in future. "

    byMike Ng -08 Apr 2016Pest Control Services inSentul