Perfect love wedding planning and make up services

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Hire Perfect love wedding planning and make up services & other service providers, for any of the popular services below.

About me


We know that. We also know how much work goes into planning one – the conceptualisation, research, communications, appointments, bookings, selections, itineraries, confirmations, rehearsals… and you still need to have enough sanity, energy and excitement for the wedding day itself! Being the host of your celebration, you want to have peace of mind and you want your guests and bridal party to have a great time! Our wedding planner will be your companion and guide through your preparations, while our wedding day team has got your back! Count on us to do most of the behind-the-scenes work, while you and your loved ones have a blast on the best day of your life!

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My services

Packages A: 2 sessions wedding make up.
          -actual day one make up & hair style
    .     -wedding dinner one make up & hair style
          -free groom touch up &hair do for dinner session
         (Include ampoules & fake lashes)

Packages B : 1 session wedding make up
    .       -bridal one make up &hair do (actual day /luncheon /dinner)
           -free groom touch up and hair do for luncheon or dinner sessions
            (Include ampoules & fake lashes)

Packages C: actual dAy + luncheon touch up
    .      -actual day make up.& hair do
          -luncheon touch up & change hairstyle (before luncheon start)
          -free groom touch up &hair for luncheon sessions
    .      (Include ampoules & fake lashes)

Packages D: ROM 
    .      -ROM make up & hair do.
          (Include ampoules& fake lashes)
           **special promotion:Wil get RM50 rebate for packages A

Additional services :
1)trial make up (RM50)
2)stay back session:touch up make up + hair do
3)bridesmaid/mother/sister...make up + hairdo
**for many families need make up services can arrange my partners to ensure you done in the time.

      1)dinner make up + hairdo
      2)Photoshoot make up
    .  3)commercial tide make up
    .  4)drama and movie shooting
    .  5)modeling & events
**depends on duration
Deposit 50% to secure the confirmation of booking

My achievements

Events involved:

.Wedding gown event 2011

. Dream idol 2011

Lady gaga kl live show 2012

Miss & mister campus 2014

Super education group dinner event 2014

Astro CNY movie 2014

Tv show