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Suara Nyaring Enterprise

Suara Nyaring Enterprise

16 Reviews

  • Amin Khairani
  • G6, Bangunan Arked MARA, 34200 PARIT BUNTAR, PERAK, 34200, Parit Buntar, Perak
  • PG0277918-X

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About me

Always try to give the best service for our customers..


My services

Kami menyediakan dua perlhidmatan utama iaitu 1. Event Management Yang menyediakan sewaan soundsystem lighting, canopy, stage dll 2. Air conditioner Yang melibatkan apa urusan service, installation dan repair aircond sama ada di rumah, pejabat, stor dan lain lain... Perkhidmatan kami bermula dari SELURUH PULAU PINANG, PARIT BUNTAR, BANDAR BAHARU DAN TAIPING SERTA KAWASAN YANG BERHAMPIRAN...

My achievements

Terbaru kami mendapat kepercayaan servis aircond showroom dan service center di volkswagen taiping

Reviews & Rating

Works done does not followed the order from this app


by Jude Tan - Aircond Servicing - about 1 month ago

2 star?? aiyoo... tuan rumah sewa, bila pergi kerumah sewa, penyewa suh buat lain.. mana kami tau siapa penyewa siapa owner...

by Suara Nyaring Enterprise - 14 Sep 2019

They did a good job on cleaning aircond but they didnt clean the floor and swept the dirt after done servicing and it was very messy.. I have to do it myself because they in hurry


by Mohd Faiz - Aircond Servicing - 2 months ago

Payment was confirmed by service provider one day before service took place. End up promo code midsale30 cannot be used and have to pay via cash.


by Firdaus Said - Aircond Servicing - 3 months ago

Very good service



by Senadhi Ramachandra - Aircond Servicing - 5 months ago

Tq sir

by Suara Nyaring Enterprise - 6 May 2019

Great service A++



by Kelvin Lim - Aircond Servicing - 7 months ago

Tq sir

by Suara Nyaring Enterprise - 6 May 2019

Professional service.



by Tai Wen Jau - Aircond Servicing - 8 months ago

Tq bro

by Suara Nyaring Enterprise - 4 Mar 2019

Well equipped, fast in delivering the works, leave the workplace clean.



by AZIZUL AZWAR B ABD AZIZ - Aircond Servicing - over 1 year ago

tq sir...

by Suara Nyaring Enterprise - 4 Jun 2018

They do a professional job, won’t make the place like a mess, I very appreciated that.



by CHAN YEW WAI - Aircond Servicing - over 1 year ago

tq so much sir....

by Suara Nyaring Enterprise - 8 May 2018

Two word. HORRIBLE FIRST EXPERIENCE and totally unprofessional from the company itself. 1.) I get the quote in like 30 minutes. Fantastic. 2.) Tried to liaise with them the next day, morning, afternoon no respond. Contacted their boss, arranged a clerk to get relevant information and set an appointment. 3.) Agreed verbally on everything (time, date, services required and they asked for address). I ask if I need to send my address to WhatsApp or SMS, they said any. I did so but no follow up confirmation that they received it or anything. I call them again to confirm if they receive my address, they said yes. 4.) the following date 27/3/2018 which is the service date. We agreed on the time 1pm. I have arrange my schedule for today’s service. I waited till 1;15pm, NO ONE CONTACTED ME. I thought they might be late or watsoever, I gave them a call. Only to know that the technician caught up with some issue on their current client. They say can’t make it for the service for me today. The technician told me the clerk will call me to reschedule the time again. So what is really went wrong here; 1) There is no proper communication between the technician and clerk. The technician should know he HAD AN APPOINTMENT @ 1pm. If he is caught up with issue, only if he had gave a call in the morning or maybe 12 pm to tell me that he can’t make it, maybe I will be more satisfied with their service. 2.) No proper service follow up or service recovery. Just saying sorry sorry doesn’t do anything. We need solution not apology. The company might have shortage of staff, but I think major point here being they let their customer waited just to know they can’t make it. This is unacceptable.


by Jason Lim - Aircond Servicing - over 1 year ago

sorry sir....

by Suara Nyaring Enterprise - 5 Apr 2018

good service, on time, nice technician



by Amin Khairani - Aircond Servicing - over 1 year ago