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NJ Cleaning Solutions specialist undergoes rigorous trainings in order to comply with international certification and standards. The trainings include knowledge about the type of fabric material, chemistry and cleaning agent, type of dirt and the correct process of cleaning methods.

Cleaning Method:
1) High Pressure Steam Cleaning for Antibacterial treatment
2) Power Brush Rotation to clean stains
3) Deep Cleaning Vacuum Extraction

We use the latest High Temperature Steam and cleaning extraction machines (Imported from Europe & US) with highly effective premium detergent powered by Nature Eco-Friendly which is 99% Biodegradable Ingredients which is not harmful to pregnant ladies, children's and pets. (Able to clean tough stains):
❌ No Chlorine Bleach
❌ No Formaldehyde
❌ No Phthalates
❌ No Toxic Chemicals
✔Dry & Wet Cleaning
✔Using US & Germany Machine (Dry & Wet)
✔Vacuuming/Power Brush/ Steam Extraction
✔Antibacterial Steam Treatment


Provide Professional Cleaning

Bedroom Mattress Cleaning 卧室床垫清洁
* Remove possible stains
*👃 Remove bad smell
*🐜 Remove dust mite
*🐞 Remove bedbugs
*🌟 Keep your mattress fresh

Are you suffering from allergy or having sleepless nights? While they may be difficult to spot, there could be up to two million dust mites sharing you bed with you.

Steam cleaning your mattress removes stains, germs, bacteria and urine stains and odour and dust mites and is a hassle-free onsite cleaning that save your time and it is affordable.

House Sofa Cleaning 家用沙发清洁
* Steam Cleaning & Sanitize.
*🛋️ Sofa upholstery & leather cleaning
* Remove possible stains
*👃 Remove bad smell
*🐜 Remove dust mite

Sofa cleaning
For fabric material we use team extraction cleaning method with eco-friendly chemical solution that breaks the residue of the stains and breaks the stain spots, watermarks, and removes them completely and allergens.


1. Thanks customer Mr Peter Trust and support our Team
- 2set of Fabric sofa done 100%

2. Job done 06/07/2020
Thanks customer MR Chris trust and support our cleaning service.



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