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Hello, I am Nic[holas]. I am a photographer by passion and experience that had been capturing memorable as a hobby since 5 years back. Both my wife (and as you might had guessed so, she is Amy, hence the trade name) dreamt of a wonderful wedding, and we did. Seeing back our wonderful albums, we would like to do the same too for others!
I also do photography services for other (possibly savory) stuff, be it candilicious sweets, yummylicious rojak, or volcano-spicy soup. If your "bling-bling" needs some professional shot to go online, let us know too!


Let's not complicate things. We are photography people. All we want is to have your moments preserved, so that when the time comes, you can recall what makes your life meaningful.
Contact us to let us know how we can find your needs perfectly. As a start-up, we are now operating on a no-frills-non-fixed rate basis (which means, you win :))


We are a start up company that had been on several freelance photography jobs before. Please visit our website to know more about our work!



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Clarissa over 5 years ago

Very professional, pictures looked very nice, I would definitely recommend

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Bharat over 5 years ago

Our experience with Nicamy Creatives' services was excellent. An extremely professional team but with a strong personalised approach made the overall experience a pleasure and well worth the time, effort and money. A highly reliable team with reasonable price points gives with a flexible approach to suit individual specific needs, we will certainly be engaging them again for our future needs.

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Mano over 5 years ago

Very professional and accomodating. Reliable and punctual. Reasonable pricing and good quality of work. Highly recommended.

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