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Freelance Accountant who loves to crunch numbers, but I am more than your typical accountant
I specialize in helping small business owners free up their time to focus on growing their business.
My Qualifications - I have been working in various industries since 2003 and have the Certified Financial Accountant, UK. - My availability is evenings (starting at 7.00pm) and weekends.
Here's what I want you to do next: You're interested in having an expert bookkeeper to give you peace of mind and take bookkeeping off your plate. The next step is to send me a message so we can start a conversation about your project and your needs.
Don't worry - there's no obligation and the goal is to see if we are a good fit to work on your project together. At the very least, you'll get my input on your bookkeeping situation. If we are a good fit, you'll get tax-ready, accurate, and timely financials prepared by an expert that you can rely on. Send me a message and let's chat!


Am I a good fit for you?
- Are you a small or start up business needing 1 - 10 hours per month of bookkeeping? - Do you need an expert who can teach you what you need to know, in plain English? - Would you like to be able to ask an expert your questions as needed?
If you answered yes to the above questions, Let’s Set Up, Catch Up, and Keep Up your accounting book so you don't have to worry about it. I will:
a) Accurately record your transactions so you can have clean, tax-ready financials - Keep a clean paper trail and attach supporting documentation.
b) Reconcile your bank accounts so you can be sure the numbers are right
c) Work with you to forecast your cash and be prepared for upcoming cash needs
d) Set up a budget and monitor performance against the budget
e) Assist you to submit your personal tax



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