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MM Network Solutions
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  • Mr Lieu
  • No 6,Lorong Selangat,Taman Pertama,, 56100, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan
  • 002160206-K

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About me

Our cleaning service company is a professional cleaning service based in Malaysia. we are a professional cleaning service company that specializes in residential, commercial and industrial cleaning task that can be specially done according to our clients’ requirements.
We cater all of our clients in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley with all kind of professional cleaning services including contract cleaning for houses, condominiums, corporate office spaces, shopping malls, shop lots, or contractual cleaning service for factory, warehouse, convention center, religious buildings, schools, colleges, resorts, hotels, embassies, showrooms, move-in/move-out cleaning, post-renovation cleaning and so forth.
Our cleaning service specialist company offers contractual or non-contractual cleaning services following the preferred demand made by our clients in Malaysia. 


My services

General cleaning within the house:
- sweeping and mopping of floors,
- wiping tables and glass
- vacuuming carpeted floors
- bathrooms, ceiling fans, windows and dusting of furniture.
Cleaning up all kitchen items (only upon requested)
Washing the bathrooms 

My achievements

Ever since this company was started, we have been getting numerous positive responses from our customers. 
Always our customers satisfaction is our main priority!

Reviews & Rating

As long as clean and tidy as I expected, then I am happy. Keep it up.


by Salam Husin - 21 May 2017

Perfect. Nth can compare


by Ethan Kong - 10 May 2017

He starts off good. Just be carefull of his timing. They will either be early or late. At the end when you are his regular, he will require you to choose according to his timing and he will tell you that he did not see your message when you made the appointment. Pricey and better off looking for others.


by Jase Heng - 25 Apr 2017

Thanks for hiring us for 9 months 2 times a week . We try to follow whatever schedule you requested but you must be flixeble abit if we cant fulfill the time and date you requested . Must be fair to other customer also which already fixed at particular time and session as we use same fixed cleaners every session . Anyhow thanks .

by MM Network Solutions - 29 Apr 2017

Really great customer service! Fast responses and very accommodating.


by Jovil Hiew - 20 Apr 2017


by Eric Chang - 18 Apr 2017

very punctual


by Alyssia - 14 Apr 2017


by Kate Barber - 7 Apr 2017


by alex - 4 Apr 2017


by Muhameed Needzam Alisan - 2 Apr 2017

was nice


by seol - 31 Mar 2017