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HPS Partition is a modern concept of designing smart space partition for multi functional uses in homes and offices. HPS Partition System can be used for:

1. Creating an additional interior space

2. Provide privacy

3. Used as a decorative medium to enhance the interior look of a home

4. Can be used as a functional furniture system in the living/dining/foyer are of the house.


Do you need to break up a space in your house with a partition or create a divider for privacy? Have you been looking for an attractive and customised piece o partition to suit the interior of your house? 

Many homes and condominiums have an open space layout that does not fully separate different spaces for different purposes. From the foyer to the living, to the dining and to the kitchen, the layout space in our homes poses many challenges to create different living spaces.
Allow us to introduce a creative concept of using room dividers to make completely separate space for cosier or different space usage. HPS partition system not only helps breaks up a space, it helps give a decorative touch and help enhance the interior look of your home.
Drawing from many years of experience in the interior design realm and with the introduction of a new complete and versatile parition system, homeowners are now presented with their own choice of creating an interior solution to their adobe. HPS understands that there are many homes that would be well served with the addition of a decorative parition.


We have provided many solutions to customers who have the following issues:

1. Parition to block the view of the toilet.

2. Parition for Feng shui purposes at Main entrance door which opens right into the kitchen.

3. Living hall was position too near to the stair case therefore needing a partition to block the view from looking up.

4. Need to create a prayer space in the living hall

5. Separate the living and dining hall so guest cannot see the dining hall.

6. In the bedroom where the bed is too near to the door and therefore needed a partition to block the bed.

7. In condominiums, partition were installed next to the main door so that the homeowner and open the wooden door for better ventilation and at the same time the the view from outside is being blocked by the partition.



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