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Merrmaid Cleaning Services
21 Reviews

  • Merrmaid Cleaning Services
  • C-06-01, One South, 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor
  • 002511497-X

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About me

Dear values customers,
Merrmaid Cleaning Services teams have undergone The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICs), London
certification & training.
On top of that, all of our team have also undergone extensive operation & customer service training. We have a team of more than 50 experience workers throughout KL and Selangor area.
Our years of hardwork in cleaning industry have given us a clear understanding on customer/client need & professional delivery.
Our Standard Operation Procedure [SOP] will protect the security & belongings of both customer & management team.
Merrmaid Cleaning Services had wide cleaning service coverage in Southern KL and Selangor area.

My services

Ranging from small to large scale of cleaning task, Merrmaid Cleaning Services offer wide range of cleaning services. One of our specialties is providing mobile cleaning service
or part-time-maid service
for residential & business premise.
We also provide the major cleaning service such as initial cleaning, spring cleaning, supplying contract cleaner & after renovation cleaning.
We are able to cover Puchong, Bukit Jalil, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuchai lama, OUG, Sunway City, Southern KL, Kajang, Bangi, Cheras, Ampang  and more.
Following is the overview service that we provide :
-Normal house Cleaning
-Contract Cleaner
-Commercial Area Cleaning
-Office Cleaning
-Initial Cleaning
-After Construction Cleaning
-Event / Party Cleaning
-Tile, Grout & Marble Floors Cleaning
-Move In & Move Out Cleaning
-Glass / External Glass Cleaning
Book our Merrmaid Cleaning Services now to experience our professional service that will make your day.
You may call Miss Fatin at 0174771154 for booking or inquiries.
We hope to serve you soon.
Regards, Merrmaid Cleaning Services.

My achievements

Here are some of our achievements since 2006 :
1. Supplying contract cleaner at auto sales centre proton hicom.
3. Supplying contract cleaner/housekeeping for Tune Hotels Sdn Bhd branches
4. Supplying contract cleaner at Giant Hypermarket branches.
5. Supplying contract cleaner at UiTM Intec Shah Alam.
6. Supplying contract cleaner at Green Avenue condominium, Bukit Jalil.
7. Performed initial cleaning service at Xiamen University.
8. Performed initial cleaning service at Hospitals.
and more.

Reviews & Rating

Initial Comments to Supplier: "Ridiculous & horrible cleaning agency I ever experience. After the mentioned thorough cleaning from this agency, the floor is till dusty everywhere and the water mark still remain on the window. Most unbelievable things were the fans, upper cabinet and upper windows were totally not clean at all and the excuses given due to no ladder, what excuses is that??? What thorough cleaning “Merrmaid Cleaning Services” provided??? Rather than cleaning up the dust, they more concerned on collecting RM200 from me. What they did on these 4 hours??? Only simply mopping on the floor and cleaning the windows on their reachable area??? I have no choose and paid RM200 with nothing clean in my house. I found another cleaner service provider outside and they only spent 2 hours to do this thorough cleaning for new empty house at the next day and they vacuum out bundle of dust that “Merrmaid Cleaning Services” left behind. Think twice before you regret if you want to choose “Merrmaid Cleaning Services” as your cleaning service provider." Replied Comments to Supplier: Who is DISHONEST on the review? Reply to your questions: (#1) Whether “initial cleaning” or “thorough cleaning”, don’t you think removing the dust on the floor is the basis cleaning? Then why after your 1st and 2nd cleaning, my floor is still dusty everywhere, don’t you think RM200 without removing the dust is still cheap? Please take note, the 2nd cleaning company that I hired had vacuum bundle of dust that you left over. And you also left over your cleaning water mark on the windows. (#2) Please refer our WhatsApp communication, I mentioned the developer done the basis clean-up for me, not initial cleaning. My initial request for you is to remove dust, I did not request scrubbing and why you keep mentioning other services? (#3) As I already mentioned on #2, I am not referring the paint drops on the floor or any other construction mark, I am only referring to the DUST and the cleaning water mark on the windows, and you keeps giving excuses and mentioned other stuff. After the 1st cleaning on 5th June, it is still dusty everywhere and the water mark still on the windows, and I also highlighted the dust on the top cabinet in the kitchen, you told me you will come fix. After the 2nd cleaning on 7th June, you mentioned the cleaner already done the thorough cleaning under your observation. But when I came in the 2nd time, the floor is still dusty, water mark on the window still there and the top cabinet in the kitchen remain unclean. Please refer back the photos I captured to you in our WhatsApp conversation. (#4) How can you request payment without complete your cleaning job? (#5) Please refer back our call history, is you don’t dare to pick-up my and keeps giving me excuses that you are charging your phone (mentioned on your WhatsApp) and cannot pick-up my call; our call history and WhatsApp conversation is the truth evidence. Please refer back our WhatsApp conversation on the voice record, these are the 3 voice records: (Voice Record 1) On your service you mentioned you will provide everything, now you tell me you don’t have ladder, so you cannot clean for me. What is this? (Voice Record 2) 4 hours only doing a simple cleaning, this impossible, ridiculous!!! (Voice Record 3) OK, fine, return my key and access card. Once you return then only I will make the full payment to you, thank you.Are these sentences rude? (#6) Before I taking your service, you told me that your so call “thorough cleaning” will include cleaning the floor, window and fan; you all will prepare all the cleaning stuff and I not need to prepare anything. Now only you give an excuse that I do not provide the ladder? (#7) Please refer back the comment on #1 and refer our WhatsApp conversation, all the conversation and photo evidence are there. I AM GIVING A COMMENT TO YOU FOR YOUR FUTURE INPROVEMENT, BUT IT SOUND LIKE YOU DON’T ADMIT THE MISTAKE AND KEEPS GIVING A LOT OF EXCUSES. THEN HOW IS YOUR CLEANING SERVICES CAN BE IMPROVED???


by Chew Jiunn Cherng - in Cyberjaya - 27 Jun 2016

Hi Chew Jiunn Cherng. There's so much wrong in your DISHONEST review. .........................(#1) Your house needs inital cleaning instead of thorough cleaning but you book for thorough cleaning only because you want CHEAP service. .........................(#2) You said some other company already did initial cleaning for FREE for only 1 HOUR with 2 MANPOWER. Please tell us which company can do that? It is impossible to do initial cleaning in just an hour, free somemore? .........................(#3) You already got your 4 hours thorough service on June 5th but u are not satisfied. U call our manager and then we apologize and assume that it is our maids mistake and we send u free 4 hours on June 7th and our manager also present on June 7th to see whats wrong. We found out that your house is still got construction and renovation stains such as paint drops, water marks that also mixed with painta stains on the window glass and ciment stains on the floor that can only be removed if u book for INITIAL CLEANING, not just thorough cleaning but again, u dont want initial cleaning bcos u just want the cheaper option. .........................(#4) You only made the full oayment on June 11th, for the service we provide on June 5th so which part that we only concern about the payment? .........................(#5) You dont want to meet us personally for key return and payment. U just want us to drop key in your mailbox and transfer the payment (which is very late) even we are both in cyberjaya on June 10th, u dont want to meet up and dont want to pick up calls because u know its YOUR MISTAKE. You also send us very RUDE voice note but we still reply politely and thats okay because u are just showing your normal attitude. .........................(#6) For each customer we clearly notice what we provide and what customer have to provide. Our instructions are all clear for everyone and we dont know why u dont want to provide ladder and get upset when we dont bring ladder. Our cleaners CLEAN high and hard to reach area by stepping on a stool we borrow from the guards. .........................(#7) Dont bluff about already do initial cleaning FREE for only one hour and having another company to complete our job within 2 hours when u actually havent done any initial cleaning and the next company should also provide initial cleaning. We are very professional and we as service provider know every detail of what customers should book for but you already lie in first place by booking for thorough cleaning instead if initial cleaning, resulting us to waste 8 HOURS for a cheapskate like you. BEFORE YOU BOOK I ASSUME YOU ALREADY READ THE REVIEWS FROM OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS, REVIEW OUR OVERALL RATING. PLEASE DONT BE THIS KIND OF CUSTOMER NEXT TIME.

by Merrmaid Cleaning Services - 27 Jun 2016

Mermaids did a great job, they were thorough, efficient, friendly and did the work for a very reasonable price. I will certainly be using them again for my next move out clean.


by David Brown - in Damansara Heights - 3 Jun 2016

Hi mr david. Thanks for the review. Looking forward to serve you again soon. :)

by Merrmaid Cleaning Services - 3 Jun 2016

Still need some improvement


by Alice Chan - in Taman Bukit Serdang - 21 May 2016

Hi ms alice thanks for the review. Once a month we spend 1 day to continuously train and motivate our staff to give the best service to our customers. :)

by Merrmaid Cleaning Services - 3 Jun 2016

2 cleaners came, rather than focusing on cleaning they were more concerned about what I was going to throw away (eg, kitchen utentils.. so they can bring them back) and slow in cleaning. I needed to do same area cleaning after they left. The coordinator was professional.


by Yap - in Bandar Kinrara 9, Puchong - 13 May 2016

hi mr yap. we apologise for the cleaners mistake, those are our new team, will improve them very soon. we hope to serve you again soon with our experienced team and discount for your next service.

by Merrmaid Cleaning Services - 16 May 2016

Good....Thy were on time...and did a good job....satisfied☺


by Jenifer - in Seri Kembangan - 11 May 2016

hi jenifer. thanks for the honest review. we hope to serve you again soon. :)

by Merrmaid Cleaning Services - 16 May 2016

4 hours were not enough seems as the maids were quite slow. the ironing part did not finish and I guess I have to continue myself.


by zainon mohd hussain - in oug - 2 May 2016

Hi mdm zainon thanks for the review but as you told us yesterday, they cannot finish the ironing because theres too many load of clothes. Your big house itself need almost 4 hours of cleaning. However we hope to serve you again soon. :)

by Merrmaid Cleaning Services - 2 May 2016

The communication up to time of service is good with clear instruction and kind reminder. I have intended for 4 hrs service initially but have to settled for only 3 hours due to slot availability. I think they did quite a decent job for the time frame given. Pricing was reasonable at RM 35 per hour for 2 maids. Will go back to them again as i think they ll able to do a more complete job with longer hour.


by Low Kok Phin - in Bandar 16 Sierra, Puchong - 1 May 2016

Hi Low thanks for the review! Looking forward to serve you again soon. :)

by Merrmaid Cleaning Services - 1 May 2016

Very happy with the service, they have managed to clean the house as expected. Very nice and humble maids. highly recommended.


by Nina Mastura Binti Arifin - in Putrajaya - 18 Apr 2016

Hi Nina thanks for the review! We hope to serve you again soon. ?

by Merrmaid Cleaning Services - 19 Apr 2016

Attitude of cleaners is good and have completed the cleaning job on time.


by Fanny - in Taman putra prima Puchong - 9 Apr 2016

Hi Fanny thanks for the review! We hope to serve you again soon. ?

by Merrmaid Cleaning Services - 9 Apr 2016

Good and thorough cleaning service, recommended!


by William Cheng - in Jalan Klang Lama / OUG - 9 Apr 2016

Hi william. Thanks for the review! We hope to serve u again soon. ?

by Merrmaid Cleaning Services - 9 Apr 2016