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Aman Merican has been practicing yoga as a child and has over 18 years’ experience in the art. Yoga has always been his calling and he gave up a career as a Regional Project Manager for the Telecommunications Industry to teach full time. He learned under the tutelage of his late grandfather, Prof. Yogacharya H. A. Rao and followed by his mother, Datin Suleiha.
The knowledge of Yoga and its associated secrets are held very dearly in his heart as this knowledge has been passed from one generation to the other in his family, which they have cherished and nurtured. Even dearer is the fact that the true, actual and factual knowledge has been preserved in its true form.
He has already established himself as a Hatha Yoga expert and runs a successful yoga studio, Maya Yoga Samudra in Damanasara Perdana for 8 years.


Aman Merican conducts highly personalized yoga classes, a training academy, money-back guaranteed therapies, and life-changing retreats.
His teachings is based on the Gheranda Samhita, one of the three classic texts on yoga, which propagates 7 steps:

1. Purification (Shatkarma)

2. Postures (Asana)

3. Gestures (Mudras)

4. Withdrawal of the senses (Pratyahara)

5. Breathing (Pranayama)

6. Meditation (Dhyana)

7. Enlightenment (Samadhi)

With the exception of enlightenment, Aman Merican incorporate all of the steps above into his yoga classes. Something few yoga instructors are able to do.The central theme of all his classes is balance. His classes are very simple to choose from:
 - Beginner Hatha Yoga
 - Advance Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga
– Breathing & Meditation
Advanced Athletic Conditioning (AAC)
- Intense Anabolic Workout
Instructor Training Course (ITC) -
Become a Yoga Instructor


Maya Yoga is not just a mere Yoga studio, it is one of the rare threads in a living tradition which can be traced back to 6 generations in a small town in India. So how did the studio sprout its wings in KL and in Melbourne? To start at the beginning, MYS's principal, 61 years old Suguna was initiated into training at the early age of 4. Unlike the western conception of Yoga where it is equated with postures; Yoga actually is a way of life. It involves and touches every aspect of one's being. Yoga is ultimately a state of harmony and balance between the body, mind and the soul (or the inner dweller).
Su's father initiated her into all the intricacies that start with practices to cleanse the body, postures to keep the body in balance (flexible, strong and disease free), in the art of breathing and unveiling the mysteries of the breath. He then went on train about the mind and its various aspects through practices of relaxation, sense withdrawal, concentration and eventually to meditation. This sounds a lot and yes it was, which is why he continued to train her way into Su's 40's. Around age 18 Su married a Malaysian and relocated to Penang first and eventually KL; through this entire period her training continued.
An accomplished Yogi himself, Acharya H M Rao travelled the world and offered the ancient teachings from Japan to the UK amongst other places. He also offered his body for scientific experiments to the medical fraternity in UK who attempted to study the effect of the Yogic practices by measuring various physiological parameters. We would love to share with you information of his travels and also the video recording of the scientific demonstration.
MYS continues teaching as per ancient texts of Yoga, each teacher in the authentic tradition is trained not for days, weeks, months or even years. The commitment has to be nothing short of one's own life. Aman Merican has ergo been trained both under his grand father and his mother from the young age of 3.
Students of Maya Yoga Samudraa are the best testimony to the teachings and the point of difference. We would be happy to share our testimonials books with you. Students have walked out with MYS having been cured of ailments like cancer, hormonal imbalances, schizophrenia, drug dependence etc. Students have been helped with relationship issues and then there are those who are seeking the journey inwards, those students are too guided.
Ultimately, like I mentioned at the beginning Yoga is a state of union and we guide aspirants to balance each and every aspect of their lives so they can live their lives with joy and fulfillment. Health is the starting point and a vital one but health has to extend to happiness which is a state of the mind. Ultimately this balance leads one to the window of one's inner chamber.
Unfortunately this great science has now been reduced to a form of physical exercise which does serve some purpose but it is at best lip service. However the tradition flourishes in India, many great masters have travelled the world to spread the message of Yoga, our studio is a humble offering to this great tradition. We hope to touch as many lives as we can.
There is much more to the methods of training which are intriguing, mesmerizing and make a lively tale to listen to. Do let us know should you like to hear more. 



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