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About me

I have been in the yogic journey coming to 8 years now.The first phase of my journey was predominantly self observation, the expansion of awareness in getting into a pose, maintaining the stability, consciously transiting from pose to pose. The next phase was to develop cohesive relationship with my students in order to share the yoga knowledge, helping them to streamline their body, mind and the soul interaction.

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My services

In Manasa school we have been thought on various teachings of yoga, the services that i provide is:

1) Ashtanga yoga flow: Transition of yoga poses coupled with breath, suitable for candidates who require to regulate their weight, improve  agility  and mobility.

2) Hatha yoga: Subtle movements  into yoga poses which improves flexibility , kinaesthetic  movements in accordance with breath.

3) Relax yoga class: Parasympathetic nervous system engangement through yoga poses which induces relaxation.

My achievements

My yogic journey so far has given me the joy of teaching people from all walks of life. I have detected a pattern of problems encountered by practitioners , generally classified it according to the age group and addressed their problems :

Young practicioners: Physical mobility is rarely an issue, however developing attentiveness and broadening the awareness is the key challenge

Mid Age practicioners: Usually set very specific goals on achieving physical results, clock is always ticking, thus instead of learning the skills required to regulate physical and mental wellbeing, practitioners are motivated  only by short term weight loss

Elder practicioners: Mobility and physical range of movements might be an issue, extra patience and effort required to carefully embody the teaching for longeveity and enhance physical ,mental wellbeing.

From practitoners who have tonnes of preconceived ideas right to practicioners who have the most inquistive and agnostic mindsets, I inseminate the yoga teachings undividedly, intention is to make progress in the practicioners self awareness and expansion.

Ratings & reviews

  • "Excellent"

    byAat van Bart -06 Feb 2017Yoga Lessons inBangsar South
  • byJinie Kamal -11 Aug 2016Yoga Lessons inBangsar
  • "Professional And friendly Each teacher has a different style so you have to find the right one. He focuses more on what happens inside and the right alignment of the body rather than the sequences so if you are on feeling the core and the different muscles then this is for you. It is slow but intense."

    byNath Chappe -15 Jun 2016Yoga Lessons inkl
  • bySajeet -15 Jun 2016Yoga Lessons inTaman Overseas Union (OUG)
  • byrollie lumas -22 May 2016Yoga Lessons inSeputeh
  • bySobana Dewi -01 Feb 2016Hatha Yoga inSection U8, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam
  • byRavin -05 Jan 2016Yoga Lessons inKlang