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Mamorim (JB) Sdn Bhd
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  • Delvin Tan
  • 5, Jalan Indah 15/3, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200, Johor Bahru, Johor
  • 1070143-T

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About me

We are a professional Cork Flooring & Cork Products specialist based in KL & JB, Malaysia.
Properties Of Cork

There is no other material, either manmade or natural, with all the properties and characteristics that are unique to cork : light weight, rot resistant, compressible and recoverable, expandable, fire resistant in its natural state, impermeable, soft, and buoyant. Because of this unparallel combination of properties, cork raw material has a wide variety of applications. With its light-weight honeycomb structure and its flexible membrane, cork is the ideal material for products ranging from stoppers to floats, from floor and wall coverings to gasket material, from clothing to coasters.
Why Choose Cork???

Due to the fact that more than 50 % of the cell volume of a cork piece consists of air, cork is one of the lightest solid substances, with a specific gravity of .25.
A cubic inch of cork can withstand as great a pressure as 14,000 lbs. per square inch without breaking, and retains 90% of its original form after the pressure is released. Less or more normal pressure increase return to original form from 97% to 100%.
Because heavy pressure does not break down or destroy the tiny air cells, but compresses the air within the cells, the cork begins to spring back when the pressure is removed. A roll or sheet of composition cork can be compressed in one direction without losing its dimensions in the other direction. This is of great importance for many applications of composition cork.
While cork is not completely impervious to moisture penetration, its cellular structure gives it a high resistance to penetration by water which with the addition of the proper binder can be proofed.
Cork is a highly frictional material, both in its natural form as well as in cork composition. Even when wet or coated with oil or grease, cork retains this quality which surpasses that of leather, rubber, and many other products used for frictional or non-skid purposes.
Next to a vacuum, a “dead” air space minutely divides one of the most efficient non-conductors of heat. The cell construction of cork provides this property for which cork is so famous.
Cork, with its 200 million air cells per cubic inch; of which 50% is air, essentially acts as an “air cushion”, absorbing vibrations and direct impacts.
Cork is a tough, durable substance with remarkable capacity for retaining its initial properties wherever recommended. The high degree of stability under varying conditions is paramount to the continuing success and use of cork in the world today.
Cork is a sustainable product that is both renewable and recyclable. It is the bark of the tree that is stripped (harvested) for use as bottle closures (70%), flooring and insulation products,as well as convertion into energy.Cork trees are never cut down. They live more than 200 years. It takes 25 years for a new tree to see its first harvest. Cork is the only tree that regenerates stripped bark. It takes 9-12 years for stripped back to be ready for harvest again. Therefor Cork is a Green Products.

For more information: pls call us @  07-2355191 or Cork Specialist Team @ 017-2084699, 016-9788727.
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My services

• Specialised in Natural Cork Flooring.

• Soundproofing Expertise.

• Corkwall for the greater benefit of the enviroment. Reduce heat and crackline.

• We do provide Wall Covering or Feature Wall designs.

• Imported European Products. Quality Assurances. Competitive Pricings.

• More than 300 designs to choose from,

• Private, Commercial, Factories, Hospital and Hotels are our targeted clients.

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