Mahsha Trading (001954798-W)

Mahsha Trading (001954798-W)

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  • Cheras, 55100, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan
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About me

We are experienced transporters, which operates for almost 10 year in transport industry. We have served more than 5000+ customer. From 1 unit delivery to warehouse re-location, also to mention about bungalows, and high profile customers too. Our motto "Your Satisfaction, Our Need".


My services

Lorry transport for house moving, office shifting, delivery of furniture, electronic appliances, goods, and any other thing's. construction material, wedding stage, even food for catering. 
Also provides experienced manpower to load & unload, wrapping, packing dissemble & assemble and also related material.
We do A-Z for you.

My achievements

Every time customers hire us, we make sure reach at the promised time & settle the job with high dedication. Every job is successful. 

Reviews & Rating



Fastefficient selectedFast and Efficient

by Teh PEi Yee - Local Moving - Budget Lorry - 3 months ago

Dear customer, thanks for your lovely comments. These will motivate us to serve even more. And thanks for giving us a chance to serve you. Regards @ Mahsha Trading

by Mahsha Trading (001954798-W) - 31 Aug 2019

Great service, highly recommended



by Lay Hau - Local Moving - Budget Lorry - about 1 year ago

come early to my condo. very professional and friendly. all items safely delivered to destination



by Mohd Shahrul Zharif - Local Moving - Budget Lorry - about 1 year ago

Service is excellent. The only problem is they never want to answer call and extremely slow in replying msg i.e. not responsive.


by KY - - about 4 years ago

What started very promisingly, had ended in a disaster. I wish my review could be more positive especially because I know the staff worked hard to get things done. I have had 2 experiences in hiring movers before. I used Sante Fe & Agility last year and 3 years back. It was country to country. Thinking to save some bucks and me being a fan of local startup companies, I found myself on and end up hiring Mahshah Trading. The final priced charged by Mahshah Trading was almost equivalent to the charges Santa Fe and Agility charged me. Unfortunately, Mahshah is not even close to be called a professional moving company. Allow me to put it in a timeline starting from Friday 31st July, the original date my move was scheduled: 31st July - No show. Lorry was involved in a minor accident. Promised to arrive early on Saturday to make up on time. 1st Aug / 12.30pm - Arrived only around 12.30 afternoon. 4 workers. 1 is a supervisor. Started packing and I informed what needs to be done, whats fragile and what not. Close to 4pm, I told them I will head to my new place so I can arrange with the security guard to let the lorry in. 1st Aug / 6pm - no sign of lorry. Called and was told it just left Desa Petaling and should reach hartamas soon 1st Aug / 9pm - no sign of lorry 1st Aug / 11pm - 1st lorry arrived! Imagine that. close to midnight and lorry is unloading. Second lorry had breakdown so can only arrive Sunday morning. Meanwhile, the staff unload all boxes to my house. Boxes are randomly packed. No labels for contents, fragile or not. My QuickMill coffee machine arrived unwrapped in between other plates and bowls. Needless to say, the machine's bottom leg dented so I had to put a paper underneath to balance it. 1st August / 1am - done unloading. Lorry leaving my porch. It moved forward and engine went dead and slide backwards. Hit my mini's tail light and chip the paint. 2nd August / 9am - Still no lorry 2nd August / 12.30pm - lorry arrived. stuff unloaded. Amazing effort by the staff to bring in my long sofa as they had to push it from the porch up to the kitchen cuz the door can't fit. That deserved the extra star in the rating. 2nd August - 5pm - I noticed my work laptop is missing and bedside table and a couple other items are not in the boxes. Informed the staff and s/visor. Given the way they work, I suggest probably they might left it at my old condo. So I volunteered to go there later that night and check on it. 2nd August /10pm - Arrived at my old condo. Shocked to see the AC was still running, sliding door was detached from its railing and was left resting against the balcony wall! food containers with food left on the kitchen counter. tables, ladder, hifi system, rice cooker and some other kitchen appliances were not packed at all. Couldn't find my laptop still. Called Ms Mah and Eddy about it. To cut it short - Original quote was 1500. Post site visit , was raised to 2500. After I cancelled one item (built in wardrobe), I was told to minus out 350. So it should be RM2150 max. Final bill was RM2350. :) Not that I even ask for a discount, but given the shit I was put through, you would have expected the price to be much lower. Take them weeks to finally settled my remaining stuff which was left at the old condo. Was supposed to meet the management to discuss my laptop but as at the time my review is typed, no one has even called to resolve it. I am not the type to retain payment, cause I know the staff earned from the payment we made. So after deducting cost for tail light, I have made the full balance payment. Will I get reimbursed for my laptop? i don't know. Will I use ever again? No way. Unless Kaodim can assure that they actually vet their vendors, I don't feel safe at all. In case, Ms Mah decided to dispute about the laptop and saying their staff have never taken anything before. Please ask your staff again. They openly admitted they took my new boxes of cigarettes and finished all of it. One even said he took loose coins around the room and after being told about the laptop, he quickly returned the same amount to a temple. So cute. My bad luck I guess. I am done being angry. Hence, this review is just a description of what took place. Hope it helps other users. Cheers!


by Zul Kassim - - about 4 years ago

A little late but overall everything went well and delivered as per expectation.thanks!


by Audrey lim - - about 4 years ago

Very professional movers. They are careful with moving the big furnitures and helpful! Ms Mah is really friendly too



by Veronica - - about 4 years ago

Workers were quite helpful, just hope they can be more punctual and professional.


by Cheng Kui Qiang - - about 4 years ago

Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you Mr Cheng. And the time you took to review us. Best wishes from Mahsha Trading

by Mahsha Trading (001954798-W) - 14 Sep 2015

Great experience. I read about their review before i decided to book their service. Indeed Ms Mah is very efficient and confirmed all arrangement for me in just very short time. I contacted another 2 recommended movers earlier, name start with "T" and "R" in Kaodim, response were so bad. Luckily i got Mahsha. Mahsha mover arrived on-time and completed my Job within an hour. Anyway it was just few items and all had been wrapped by myself.



by Mdm Tai - - about 4 years ago

Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you Mdm Tai. And the time you took to review us. Best wishes from Mahsha Trading

by Mahsha Trading (001954798-W) - 10 Sep 2015

price reasonable....besides slight delay on arrival, service were generally satisfactory.


by Gerald Koh - - over 4 years ago

Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you Mr Gerald. And the time you took to review us. Best wishes from Mahsha Trading

by Mahsha Trading (001954798-W) - 5 Sep 2015