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We supply and install for natural stone (marble , granite, travetine, slate, pebble wash, cobble stone and other )


installation for floor, wall, feature wall, bond, car park, bathroom,  kitchen, table top, landscape.


project - high rise Building, Condominium, Bungalow, Semi-D, superlink house, double story.

architect, designer, consultant, main con, contractor and

direct house owner.


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Azizul Yahya 11 days ago

Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Fastefficient selectedFast and Efficient
Willies Gan 19 days ago

Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service

Signature Construction Works replied:

thank you

Candice 21 days ago

Requested for waterproofing repair at open-air water tangki area as water is leaking from inside house ceiling. Site visit was done quickly. The price differ from the initial quoted, after site visit. I think price-wise higher than usual, maybe due to the MCO period. Appointment got postponed twice by vendor due to other job not completed and staff took leave, but finally done. 1st day morning, came to clean up area and fix leaking pipe. 2nd day morning, came to install the waterproofing. 3rd day morning, came to check for holes and waterproofing again. Overall satisfied as no more leaking from ceiling but will continue to monitor as nowadays raining every day. TQ for the service.

Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Fastefficient selectedFast and Efficient
Respsonsive selectedResponsive

Signature Construction Works replied:

thank you..

Ganesh Krishnan 23 days ago

Plumber not exactly organized. Probably because of MCO but he cancelled twice before coming in on the third day. Did not use a tarpaulin on the floor when hacking the wall to look for pipe leak. Laminated wood floor got unnecessarily dirty and wet. Plumber was aware of both copper pipe and pvc pipe behind the wall but did not bring spare copper pipe to fix the leaking copper pipe. Had to go out to buy it. Took him a couple of hours to find the parts and come back. Later did not have enough cement to patch the wall. Could have bought the cement while buying the copper pipe. Had to come back the next day to complete. While hacking the wall, the jackhammer hit another spot of the copper pipe creating and indent but it was not leaking. As a precaution, I asked the plumber to fix it too but he said no need to repair because it's not leaking even though now he has created a weak spot and started arguing the case with me. Started talking rudely. I let it go because I realized things weren't going anywhere because when I asked him what if it leaks in a few years. His answer was I would have bought a bigger bungalow house and moved out by then. He also did not bring his ladder, instead used mine and did not clean it properly. Had to wash off the cement and plaster by myself Problem solved but unpleasant experience.

Signature Construction Works replied:

so Good.. thanks

junainah about 1 month ago

Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Fastefficient selectedFast and Efficient
Punctual selectedPunctual
Respsonsive selectedResponsive

Signature Construction Works replied:

thank you very much

Nicole Choe 6 months ago

The amount paid was RM900 and not RM500. Would appreciate an official receipt for the work done.

Signature Construction Works replied:

i will give u invoice.. sorry forget give u

Edward Chean 7 months ago

Failed to carry out any thorough inspection. Didn't provide good advice during initial stage.

Signature Construction Works replied:

anything before confirm. i will visit site. if u dont agree , u can didnt give me do, your job...

Steven Wai about 1 year ago

The job was done under supervision of the boss himself. The plasterer did a great job as he is careful and experience in fixing up my ceiling. They also help clean up the place before leaving. 👍👍👍

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